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March  2003


Tubal reversal  Mar 28, 2003





March 2003

I am back - got back last night at 11 pm .....just a little sore but walking and all about. I was picked up by Tracy at the Airport on Friday the 28th , we had no problem getting to the hospital . When I got there I did get to meet Tammy, what a wonderful person as well as her friend Tracy! I did get to spend time with them talking - around 2:30 Levy called and made sure I was there. He told Tracy to get the nurse and to get me ready for surgery.

I was taken to my room and a IV was done, shaven as well. I returned back to Tammy's room when Levy came in and told me we are ready in 15 min. I was wheeled in the OR; Dr Moreno was there, Levy and Louis. I saw the cross everyone spoke about, and all my nervousness disappeared. I was feeling like home, like I have been there so many times! Levy gave me a little of the sleepy juice, I woke up about 5 min before they took me to the room. I saw Dr Perez just briefly, but never did get to speak to him or say thank you.

I had a little cyst about 1 cm. I have on my left side 7 cm and on my right 5 cm. I paid $1890.00.

I was very well taken care of - the nurses are wonderful, gentle and always have a smile on their face. The food was good, and the hospital is so clean!

I met Ginny and her fiancée. I spent time with them, and we traveled together on Sunday to TX to catch our flights back .

If I would have to do all of this over again, I would do it without a doubt in my heart and mind! I woke up the next morning with tears in my eyes because I was so happy and in peace. Praise the Lord for people like all of you, Dr. Levy, Dr. Moreno, Dr. Perez and the nurses at Rio Bravo .




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