Tisa Singh



December  2003


Tubal ligation Nov 9, 1997

 Tubal reversal  Dec 20, 2003

Pregnancy #1 edd Oct 19, 2004





February 2004

Hello Everyone. First I would like to let everyone know that God has answered our prayers for me. I just had my 2nd ultrasound and we saw the sac. Anyway its right where it belongs.  My fears for a ectopic are now gone.  I am so happy and want to thank everyone for the prayers they have sent for me. They are no longer watching my beta levels, they are going to just let things flow the way they are going to be. Please keep me in your prayers to have a healthy 8 more months. I also want to thank the women that are responsible for this group, I really don't think I would of went to Dr. Perez if it was not for this group. It's so informative and all your questions are answered so you know what to expect during your trip to Mexico. It takes lots of time to keep this group going and I just want to say thank you for keeping it going. YOUR JUST AS GREAT AS DR PEREZ AND LEVI.....

Tisa Singh

Ps: My due date is 10/19/04 "Ill be pregnant all Summer" no complaining though:))))))

My primary doctor called me today and confirmed my pregnancy! I don't know if all is okay or not but I am going to put my faith in God, He is the one that got me this far and I do know he will be there for me no matter what. My body does belong to him!

Tisa Singh

December 2003

Hello everyone here is my story. I am now 15 days post Op. I feel pretty good. I am slowly adding chores to my schedule. My doctor gave me time off of work until the 5th of January. I am not going back to work, I will be going back to school to restart my dream to become a RN. I know we have many in our group, I think that is wonderful cause now I get double support with 2 important things in my life. Enjoy my story.

December 20, 2003

My scheduled TR date was for 12/20/03 @ 8:00am. We flew from Sacramento California on Friday the 19th of December 2003. Our journey started @2:30 leaving from Sacramento Airport. We had a connection in Dallas Texas, and arrived in McAllen Texas Friday night at 11:15pm. We had already made arrangements to be picked up by Joe and Aimee Galvan, recommended by ladies from the group. Aimee and Joe were waiting for us when we arrived, as my husband was walking outside the airport, he met up with Aimee; Joe was bringing around the van to meet us in front. They were extremely nice, a pretty normal couple they shared with us their experiences with many ladies from all over the world. Joe knew exactly where we were going and what way we should go, I and my husband were pretty tired but were able to look around as he drove. Of course we had many questions about Mexico and the way of life. Before we knew it Joe said here is the hospital. When I looked I thought WOW this is pretty small, compared to our hospitals but it looked very quiet and safe. Joe took us into the hospital, it was pretty late somewhere past midnight. There was one nurse there "Norma". Joe explained what I needed to sign and we told him we would like to to leave at 12pm on Sunday, Joe assured us he would be there and said goodbye.

Norma took us to our room #2, our room was close to the front door so we did make sure our door was locked as we slept it made my husband feel safer. Norma is a wonderful nurse we liked her a lot. She gave us blankets, pillows, water and a gown for me. My husband tried to sleep in the bed with me, but my husband is a pretty big guy (very muscular) and I was afraid the bed was going to give. He decided to lie on the cot, there was also a small couch he ended up using to watch T.V. It reminded me of a small hotel room. The waiting room was decorated for Christmas and had a Christmas tree with decorations, it was a pretty small waiting room but it did get busy. We were really exhausted and my husband was out. I was so tired but also very anxious, I must of woke up every hour until around 6:00am I could no longer sleep. A male nurse came in around 6:30 and asked me to dress into the gown and started my IVs. It was getting close. The Dr. Levi came in around 7:30 and asked me my medical history. I asked him if he would like to see my Operative Report from my TL. He said that would be great if I had it. That is not required but it does give him more information. He sat with us for about 20 min and answered our questions. He said we would start in about 15 minutes. When he came back, he informed us he had an emergency C- section, so my surgery would need to be pushed back about an hour or two. When Dr. Levy came back to tell us it was time, I was feeling pretty nervous.

I told my husband I was really scared, I started to cry and he thought oh my goodness all this and now she is freaking out on me. Well I did not really mean it I just was pretty nervous. Dr. levy came back in and told me everything will be okay, and put some covers on my feet and wheeled me to their OR. Dr. Perez was sitting there waiting for us, he had just finished the C-section. I said hi and my husband said that must be Dr. Perez and introduced himself, I am so glad he did cause I was still to nervous to talk much. Dr levy helped my husband dress and Dr Moreno helped me onto the table, he prepped my back for the epidural. I started to freak out cause I did not want to be awake to feel the insertion of the epidural . Dr. levi assured me that after he gave me the medicine he was inserting into my iv, I would be asleep and as he was saying this the room started to sway, and I was out. I remember waking up once and seeing my wonderful husband all dressed in blue and he assured me we were almost done and I was out again. The next time I woke Dr levy was stitching me up and transferring me to another table. I was waking up and everyone was very gentle and caring I had Dr. Perez, Dr. Levi, Dr. Moreno and another female nurse there during my surgery. The only time I felt pain was when they were cutting me, I panicked and told them I could feel burning , so they gave me more medicine, the same thing happened to me when I had my TL, so I think it takes a lot to numb me in that area, either that or I just panic.

They took me to my room, where they brought me some nice hot tea and jello, they also brought my husband some potatoes and meat. Dr Levy came in to find out how I felt. I told him great due to I still had no feeling in my lower body. I ate my jello and drank all my tea; I had no nausea at all then. I and my husband took a nap. Dr Levy came in later and sat with us . He talked to us about the surgery and his life doing what he does. My husband kept telling him how much he was recommended from women in the group. It surprised me for my husband to believe in my group, it felt good. He said he was happy with the surgery. I did have 2 cysts on my right tube; he removed them and gave them to my husband. He said I have 7cm on my right side. He said my left side was cut in 2 different places so the length was not as long, it was 4cm. I was really happy with my right tube. I really thought I would come out with 4-5cm on both sides so my expectations were filled and some. He did recommend an HCG in 3 months. He also said we should wait 3 months before we try to conceive. Dr Levy is an angel he is very devoted to his work and his patients, you feel that when he is with you. He makes sure he is there for you; he gives not only his professionalism but his tender caring as a human. I know God has a very special place for him in heaven.

Around 11:00 pm Saturday night we got a visit from another lady's hubby from our group. He came to say hi and tell us how his wife's surgery went. He had gotten some tacos with Dr Levy and my husband was still hungry so Paul gave a few to my husband. They were great, I could not resist to try one, they were great. He also went and got subway and brought my husband a sandwich, even though they feed you, its not manly portions so you might need a late night snack. We said goodnight and I told him I would visit his wife in the morning, I still had not gotten out of bed.

I got some pain medication before I went to bed around 8pm, but I woke up during the night and was in pain. I pretty much dealt with it because I did not want to wake my husband he was sleeping like a baby. In the morning when they came in I was so glad, the nurse gave me some medication in my IV and removed all those tubes. That felt so good, I don't like foreign things in my body. I tried to get up because I was tired of lying down. To my surprise when my legs touched the floor I was in so much pain, I think due to my stomach muscles. I did cry at that point. I finally was able to get in the shower, when I took off that wrap they put on you I started to feel the pain. I did not wash my hair it was to hard for me to raise my arms; you might want to wash the hair the night before. The nurse came back in after the shower and put back on the wrap, which made me feel secure enough to walk around a bit. I went to go see the other lady, Vetta. We visited for a few minutes and I walked around. She was up and walking a lot better than I was, she was a real trooper. She did tell me the doctor gave her a shot in her hip that helped with the pain, so I asked the dr. if I could get that shot before I left. He advised me that it looked like I was doing pretty well with out it but he could give it to me, so I asked for it anyway.

Dr. Levy came in and said goodbye to us and talked to us more. Joe and Aimee arrived early so got our stuff together and met them in the van. Joe said the border on Rio Bravo side gets real congested after 11:00-12:00 and the wait can take up to 3 hours sometimes. So he took us to the Reynosa boarder. It took us maybe 20 minutes to pass. That is good to know especially if you are renting a car, you don't want to miss your flight. I was feeling pretty good until we arrived at the airport. My husband put me into a wheelchair and wheeled me in. I asked him to take me to the restroom cause I felt sick. I should of listened to Dr. Levy, I think the shot got me sick. I felt horrible I must of vomited about 4 times before our flight took off. My insides were killing me due to the strain. I closed my eyes and it felt like I was drunk, I would get dizzy and need to have the white bag they give you in the plane around my mouth. The flight attendant came up to us and asked if I was okay to fly. I just told her I would be okay, but it was awful. If you're doing okay when you're ready to leave the hospital, skip the shot! I am not sure if that is what got me sick, but due to the symptoms, I think it was.

When we arrived in Dallas my husband got me a banana and some bread. I finally felt a little better. The next flight home was not so bad. I did get to eat the banana without giving it back up. There was a wheelchair waiting for me at every terminal. When we touched ground in Sacramento, I just wanted to feel my bed. My husband dropped me off before he went to pick up our son. I settled on the couch and stayed there. It was more comfortable to sleep slightly elevated due to the strain on your stomach muscles. The next evening I was back in the bed. I went to see my doctor the next day, she checked my stitches and gave me some pain medication, and she wanted me to come back in 10 days so she could remove the stitches. She said everything looked good, she was just not happy about the traveling. I told her the doctor did make us stay 24 hours for observation. She was happy with that.

The whole trip was something I will never forget, I think what Dr. Levy and Dr. Perez do is wonderful, and maybe the hospital is not as up to date as the ones here in the US, but they do know how to get the job done and still are able to give the compassion that some of our doctors here in the states are deprived of due to shortages and the fight with the insurance companies. The amount of time that Dr. Levi spent with us was more than any Dr has ever spent with us. That is wonderful and makes you feel special. They are the greatest.

For anyone who is still waiting for their reversal, don't give up the hope and faith, your turn will come. Every woman that has gotten their TR has gone through some kind of hurdles and disappointments before they were able to actually go. So don't think that it will never happen for you, when plans get pushed back, just pick up and make new ones. This was my 3rd plan to get to Mexico life kept getting in the way but I never gave up and now I am happy.

Tisa S

Right 7cm Left 4cm


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