Dewah & Chuck Smith

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State Connecticut
Surgery Date Nov 2003
Ligation Nov 18, 1992
Tube length  L R
Pregnancy 1 It's a boy!
Sep 14, 2005
Pregnancy 2





Feb 2011

I just wanted to update my info. I gave birth to our Healthy Reversal Baby boy, Timothy Aaron on Sept 14, 2005. He is now a healthy and active 5 year old and the light of my life. I again must Thank you Dr. Perez and Dr. Levy for if you had not preformed my reversal I would not have this precious boy now

Welcome Timothy Aaron

Sept 14, 2005

April 2005

I had my reversal in November of 2003. My husband Chuck & I are expecting our 1st reversal baby on September 22, 2005. He will be our 5th child.  Chuck & I both would like to thank Dr. Perez & Dr. Levy for making it possible for us to have little Timothy Aaron Smith. 
May our Lord always be with you.

November 2003

Well, I am back from my BIG journey to Rio Bravo. Everything went really well. Not to say I wasn't scared because I was! I was so scared that if my DH said lets go home on the way into the OR I would have hopped up & left.

We got to the hospital Friday night and we met Monika & Debby. They took Monika in at 7 Saturday morning & I went right after her at 9. I remember Dr. Levy putting the sleepy meds into my IV and nothing until they were almost done. My husband said I was talking during the surgery but I don't remember it. When they first put me under I kept telling Dr. Levy I was terrified of dying on the table & he told me not to worry, I wasn't going anywhere & I told him it didn't matter anyway because I was in Jesus' hands. I don't remember that either. I do remember waking up asking Chuck (my husband) if that was him standing over me & asking if they were done yet. Then I remember singing Victory In Jesus and humming Amazing Grace, but I thought I was doing that in my head and Chuck said it was aloud & Dr. Levy even asked if it was Amazing Grace I was singing.: )

I got back to my room somewhere right around 11 and @ 12 Chuck said Dr. Levy's brother was there & going to bring him & 2 other hubby's out for lunch so I rested some then. Dr. Perez had told Chuck when I was in the OR it was up to him & God now because I have 8 inches on either side & there is no reason I can't have more!   It seemed to take a long time for me to get the feeling back in my legs but having never had an epidural before I don't know how long it normally takes. Around 4 I had spilt my water on my bed, it fell off the bedside table & was all over the foot of the bed...But I felt nothing! The nurses were very nice. They do their best to communicate. I almost forgot about a half an hour after the surgery the OR nurse came in with this little bottle, it looks like an old fashioned medicine bottle & she kept talking to me in Spanish & pointing to me & then to the bottle. Well, I thought they were pills to take & was going to take them but I wasn't sure why she had the pills in a bottle so I motioned her to put them on the end table. BOY am I glad I didn't take them. They were the clamps that were on my tubes!!!! Chuck found this extremely funny. He said I have had them in me for 9 yrs & wanted them out of me so bad & was ready to put them back into my body. I'm glad he found humor in it! YUCK!!!!

I got discharged on Sunday morning & we went back top McAllen via Progresso. If any of you can ever go early & go to Progresso you really should it was quite an experience. We flew home on Monday night and now I am just resting. DH won't let me do a thing. Have a great day & thank you to everyone for your prayers.

Dewah S


Timothy Aaron