Rochelle & Richard Thorpe


October  2003


Tubal reversal 

Oct 7, 2003


Pregnancy #1

It's a Boy!  Aug 5, 2004


4 cm left side

5 cm right side







Gabriel Maxwell Izaak

August 5, 2004 at 8:05 AM - 7 lbs 2 ounces and full of joy.

Again we are so grateful to the blessing Levy, Moreno, and Doc Perez provided us, and to God for making it possible.  Indeed the angel Gabriel was present so we named him Gabriel, and the wellspring of blessings we received made us add to his name Maxwell - Great Well or wellspring... Izaak or Isaac the profit showed us the way with the story of his birth to Abraham and Sarah... hence the entire meaning of his name! 

Continued blessing to all leaning on God and receiving blessings at Rio Bravo!


Update February 2004

The blessing continues. On Friday before Valentine's Day, we had an ERA Ultrasound -- Early Risk Assessment for our age group. The test came back all clear of any abnormalities and during the procedure the little one was playing, sucking his thumb and then made sure I stopped calling him a girl by showing us the stem on his apple. The doctor even moved our due date up to 8/11 which means we got pregnant on our first try after all (we only tried twice). Isn't he adorable? As promised he will be names Cheveyo - a Native American Hopi name that means Spirit Warrior. Again, God bless the Three Caberellos f"Dr. Perez, Dr. Levy, and Mr. Moreno"

Richard and Rochelle T.

Update! December 2003

Hello Levy, Moreno, and Doc Perez: Well, your 70% chance was actually 100% chance. -- we are expecting already: Not bad for 42 year olds. We are one month at least: Due August 2004

Happy Holidays!  Richard & Rochelle T

October 2003

When I learned about Rio Bravo after searching the Internet, I felt that my discovery was the result of prayer. I immediately scheduled the appointment and set aside the funds that came to me unrepentantly. In the past something always came up to demand our monies, but turning 42 soon, I knew I could no longer postpone having a reversal. I have two teenage children and had my tubes tide following the birth of my youngest, 12 years ago. At age 29, I didn't expect to divorce or to remarry at the time of this decision. I had always wanted more children but had given into the influence of others.

This year my new husband and I are celebrating eight years of marriage by going to Rio Bravo. Prior to going, my cousin shared with me a precious book, Supernatural Childbirth by Jackie Mize. I read it continuously up until the time of our flight. I shared the book with a Christian sister in Church who is weeks from delivery. This book has helped me to pray about conception and birth with the guidance of the Bible. You can image the concerns I had having waited so long, being older, and 40 pounds over my ideal weight. I had done lots of research and had fears that I would have scar tissue, endometriosis, and not enough tube.

God answers prayers: the night we arrived not only was Dr. Levi greeting us at the door with a big smile, the nurse who was attending me was lovely and had a big pregnant belly, her name was Concepcion, and not only where we taken to room # 7, it was our anniversary too, October 7th. I felt like I was in a dream. Everything went so fast, so smooth, and as I was praying for - with very little discomfort. I was up and walking around the next day and ever since.

During the procedure I awoke and enjoyed talking with "The Three Caballeros" -- Francisco Moreno (Mr. Brown), Dr. Levy, and Dr. Perez while they worked on me. They answered my every question and gave me good news - I had no scar tissue, no endometriosis, and plenty of tube. Although one was cauterized close to the uterus Dr. Perez was able to leave 4 cm on the left side and 5 cm on the other without any trouble. I strongly believe that prayers caused this result.

The only anxiety I had was the epidural and not feeling my legs. I never felt a thing, and in fact the next morning I asked my husband to help me go to the restroom, he said to me that I was already going because I had a catheter in - I hadn't even felt it.

Fortunately for me I was able to email and speak with a lady who had posted her experience at Rio Bravo, and Richard had the opportunity of speaking with her husband, so we were well prepared for the experience. My husband is so pleased he started a dissertation (see below). The hospital gave us the needed anti-biotic and pain relievers upon checkout. Our total cost was $1,910. After having a good experience at Rio Bravo - you'll want to have the entire experience end well -- so I advise having enough money for your own travel plans, and for the unexpected. Taxis vary in price as so do the hotels and there is 8 percent tax on food in Texas.

I will be forever grateful to the entire Rio Bravo Team for their kindness and making me whole.

- Rochelle T.

Husbands Comments.

When my wife, Rochelle, first told me of her desire to get a tubal reversal, I was initially supportive but a little skeptical. After all, it had been 12 years since she had her tubes tied and all of our previous research (mostly hers) led to solutions that were too expensive. I was convinced that the only way we were going to have a child of our own - Rochelle very much wanted to adopt, but I, being adopted myself, was insistent of having our own child. The only way that was going to happen was surgery or a miracle. Up until October
7, 2003 it did not appear possible.

Sometime during the summer, Rochelle found Dr. Perez's website and asked me to look at it. She was very excited and after I had a chance a review the website, I became impressed, especially by the many glowing testimonials given by mothers that had traveled far and wide from the United States to Rio Bravo, Mexico to undergo the procedure.

She told me that we should definitely go to Mexico so that we could have the operation. It would probably be our last opportunity. We had the money, I was able to get the time off, and we were both convinced that it was going to happen. On the plane ride from Boston we prayed for a successful operation and experience. Our flight went as planned, we arrived at McAllen Airport at around 3:45. It was pouring. Dr. Levy was supposed to have sent a driver to pick us up. After waiting awhile and looking for this person, we took a cab driven by a congenial driver named Panfilo Serrato.  He even allowed us to stop at a bank.

The trip took about 35-40 minutes (including our stop to the bank). There were no delays at the Mexican border. We arrived at the Hospital de las Americas, and Dr. Levy escorted us to our room. Rochelle's surgery was scheduled for 7:30 pm. Our room was fairly large and clean with a sink, toilet, shower, full size couch and television with built-in VCR.

At about 7:00, the nurses gave Rochelle an IV, some other medication and her hospital "Johnny." At 7:30 or so, Dr. Levy and a couple of nurses came to wheel Rochelle to the operating room. I quickly followed. While Rochelle was being prepped for her epidural, I spoke with Dr. Levy and Dr. Roberto Perez Rio. Dr. Perez would be performing the surgery, with Dr. Levy assisting. I told them I wanted to be present during the operation.

After about 10 minutes, I went into the operating room and sat down. The operation took about two hours and I held Rochelle's hand most of the time, letting go only to look at Dr. Perez and Dr. Levy do their thing. Rochelle did not respond to me right away. She thought I was one of the doctors. The good news is that Rochelle's left tube was about 4cm. Her right tube had 5cm left. Dr. Levy said that was no scar tissue, no endometriosis and no complications. Although her left fallopian tube was very close to her uterus, he still gave her a 70 percent chance of conception.

In retrospect, both Dr. Perez and Dr. Levy were very competent, caring and gentle. Ditto for the nurses. Rochelle did not even feel the epidural and was not in much pain, before or after the two-hour operation. Everyone was very nice and supportive and we had ample time to practice our Spanish.

I would recommend Dr. Levy, Dr. Perez and the entire staff of The Hospital of the Americas to anyone who is looking to have a tubal reversal. Our experience was even better than we could have hoped. The trip took no longer than expected, the surgery went very well, the bill was within the minimum price, and we are very grateful. We could not ask for anything more.

God bless the doctors, nurses and staff of The Hospital of the Americas.

- Richard T.


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