Misti and Ronnie Ticel



February  2003


Tubal reversal  Feb 26, 2003

Pregnancy #1

Baby boy born Aug 13, 2004








Ronald "Jacob" Lee Ticel

born August 13, 2004

7lbs 5ozs and 19 3/4 ins long

Praise Dr Levi, Dr Perez and, of course, God for our beautiful new addition!!


Update! January 2004

Well after 10 months I am happy to say that I am finally pregnant and I did it with only one good tube.  My left tube ended up being blocked.  I am only about 3 wks, I will have an ultrasound on 1/6/04 to make sure the baby is in my uterus and not my tube but I have so much faith and trust in God that I know it is where it is supposed to be.  My hcg numbers are rising just like they are supposed to. I hope that my story can give some encouragement to the ladies who have not yet gotten pregnant.  I had a hard time getting here but I made it.  Dr Perez is nothing short of a miracle worker and I believe that God works through his hands.  There is and never was any doubt in my mind about Dr Perez and if I had to go back and do it again I would.

Even if it isn't meant for to carry this baby to term I want everyone to know that it is possible with the trust and the faith in God it can happen. It has to fully be laid upon His feet and let HIM do His work. I say fully because during a lot of these months I didn't lay it at His feet completely, I tried to use fertility medication that didn't work. My husband and I talked and came to terms with the fact that I would not use any more artificial ways to get pregnant ~ even if it never happens. 

I laid it at His feet and I am pregnant. I know I am not that far along and anything can still happen but at least I know that it can happen and if it isn't me for to carry this baby then we will try again.

Misti and Ronnie

February 2003

My husband and I both wanted to add our testimonial so here goes, a little late but late than never....

Misti's testimony:

Our actual journey started on Wed. Feb 26,2003. We drove from Knoxville, TN to Nashville and flew into Harlingen, Texas and arrived at 10:30 PM. We rented a car from Budget and we stayed at Econo Lodge about 5 mins from the airport. I have to say at this point I realized that this was really going to happen and I was getting really nervous but very excited!!

We finally got to bed about 12AM and of course I couldn't sleep, I was so excited!! 2/27/03 The alarm went off at about 8 am and we got up and got our showers and got ready and we were on our way!! (Still can't believe this was really happening.) My surgery was not scheduled till 7 am on Fri 2/28/03 so we decided to go do some shopping and site seeing before we went to the hospital that night. We had breakfast and then we drove into Progresso Mexico and wasn't asked for anything going over but the toll fee. We drove about a half a mile to this restaurant call Garcia's ( the lady at budget gave us a little tip that we could park there for free if we went into the restaurant and had a coke) so that is what we did. We had a really nice time shopping and looking around it was a very different experience and we are making plans to bring the kids next year.

About 3 pm we decided to drive to Rio Bravo and we had no clue where were going but they did have signs and we found it with no problem. We finally got checked in about 5 pm . My first impression walking into the hospital was a very warm overwhelming feeling. I felt so at peace and so calm. The nurses were really nice and it wasn't long till they had me in a gown and IV going.

Levy came in the room at about 6pm and ask me if I wanted to go that night and I told him sure and he said we will see you about 8.At this point I was about in tears everyone was so nice and Levy really made it even that much better. He explained everything to me and answered all of our questions he also took my husband to a restaurant around the corner and ordered him some dinner. So we had about 1 1/2 hours left so we watched some tv (they did have one american station) and at about 8pm the nurse came and got me and wheeled me to the operating room, and it was so calming they had a cross right over the door so you can look at it while laying there on the table.

Dr. Moreno came in and rolled me over and gave me my epidural and the sleeping medicine and then when they rolled me over my husband was standing right beside me and we were ready to go. They started about 8:45 and were finished at 10:15 pm. They were so nice and keep asking me if I was ok of course I don't remember much but Levy told my husband I was quite comical, guess that's what sleepy meds makes you like sometimes. Once we were done they took us back to my room and Levy came in and told me that I had a really successful surgery and said it looked good - and it was up to God and my husband now. He sat and talked to us for about 45 mins about everything not just the surgery or even work related . He was on call that night so he was there at the hospital all night and told me if I needed anything just to call the nurses station and he would be there. I only had to call him twice for the pain medicine.

That morning Levy came in and talked to us and checked on me and he was going home to change and heading off to school. My husband and I can't believe what an incredible person he is and he so devoted to the patients there and his schooling. Well we finally got to go home at 6pm when Levy got back from school to discharge us. It was such a wonderful experience. We carried cash on us and my husband walked to the market about a block away quite a few times and had no problems.

Everyone there was so nice and if I had to do over again I would pick Dr. Perez again. My husband was so impressed with the entire experience. I can't say enough wonderful things about Dr. Perez and Levy and the staff. I can say you won't be making a mistake in choosing Dr Perez. God is working through Dr. Perez's hands for sure.

Ronnie's Testimony:

Well let me start by saying I was really reluctant about going to Mexico for my wife's surgery.  Like any other person making this decision, I have heard some bad things about Mexico!!  Once we arrived at the hospital all my worries were laid to rest. So let me be the first to say I would do it all over again. 

We met with Levy and he was a very professional and nice guy. He even took me to a restaurant and ordered my food for me. During surgery they let me watch and showed me where they flushed the tubes. It was a wonderful experience and all of the staff and Dr. Perez and Levy were wonderful and if we didn't live so far away I would love for Levy or Dr. Perez to deliver our baby.

I want anyone reading this to know how wonderful everyone there is and that they took such good care of my wife.  Rest assured anything anyone hears about Mexico has nothing to do with Rio Bravo. We would do it all over again !!

Misti & Ronnie Ticel



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