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April  2003


Tubal reversal  Apr 5, 2003





April 2003

I am sitting here, feeling human for the first time since Friday evening. Our trip to Mexico went very well, we arrived at the hospital around 1 pm, even though my surgery was not scheduled until the following morning. Levy said they might be able to squeeze us in that evening if we wanted. If we wanted??!!!  Of course!!!!

At the front desk, they automatically asked if we were there to see Dr Perez, I guess we had that lost American look? :-) The language barrier made things more difficult, but not impossible. The nurses were VERY nice, gestured a lot to get the point across and struggled w/ their limited English with embarrassed giggles.

The hospital was smaller than I thought from the photo, you can tell it is an older building, but it was definitely clean. They told us that we would go to surgery between 7 and 8 pm. The afternoon drug by SO slow, we watched TV, there were a number of English speaking shows on, but you had to surf for them. I thought, with a laugh to myself as I got my I.V., this was not the gentle nurse people had spoken of! :o) Ouch! Levy came in just before 7 pm to talk to us, and told me that they would be back in about 5 mins. for me. Moments later, the nurse was there with a wheel chair, putting booties on my feet and hat over my hair and we were off! It was a short distance to the OR. I thought it looked very old fashioned but again, it was very clean.

I got up on the table as my husband got dressed in scrubs, and laid on my side for the epidural. They put in the sedative in my I.V. and I could barely form the words to ask Levy to look at my ovaries to see if I had ovulated last month, I heard my husband talking and that was it.....till they were done. David said they let him see everything, each layer they cut, showed him each tube and ovary, showed him when they flushed the tubes with saline after they had been reattached. And they showed him where I had ovulated last month and where the egg for this month was already developing. He said that Levy is the one who sewed me up.

Sometime during the night, I woke up hurting, I told the nurse and a moment or two later Levy showed up and put more medicine in my epidural. The next day was rough, I wont lie. I was shocked at how much it hurt. From past procedures, I thought I handled pain well, but apparently not. I took whatever medicine they would give me and it still hurt. I was miserable but I knew why I was there and would not change a thing. I didn't get to meet any of the other ladies, I was disappointed, but I never left my room. David went to lunch with Levy's brother, Luiz. A nice kid, he is studying to be a dentist. He took David shopping and he bought some really nice stuff for everyone at home.

When I was finally off the I.V. and allowed to shower, I could barely move. David had to undress me, wash me and dress me. I hated feeling so helpless, but I was ready to go! After we were released, we headed to our hotel. I was already late for my meds. when we left, so by the time we got to Harlingen, I hurt so bad, I just cried. The next morning I was feeling better though still moving in slow motion. We arranged for assistance at the airport and had wheelchairs waiting for us at every stop. I couldn't have made it without those.

From then on, I made sure I took my meds on time and I did fine. I was SO happy to be home. I'm feeling a lot better physically, but I cannot tell you the relief I feel, knowing that I am whole again. The feeling that each month might bring the miracle that we all want. Even though it was more painful than I had expected, I wouldn't change a thing (except take my meds on time Saturday night! :o)

I cant wait to have the pictures developed that we took. As I finish this, I am ready to lay down again, but I wish the best for those who are still waiting for their TR's and their miracles.

Love, Laura Urvina


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