Ileana and David Vasquez de Giron



June  2003


Tubal ligation 1992

Tubal reversal  Jun 5,  2003

Pregnancy #1 edd






Alejandra Nicole Giron Vasquez

We want to inform you that our baby was born in September 7th,2004.  She is very healthy and beautiful.  We Thank "God" and Dr. Perez for our Miracle baby.  God Bless all of you.


June 2003

I had my tubal reversal in June 5, 2003. We traveled all the way from Maryland to Rio Bravo, everything went pretty easy for us because both of us speak Spanish. The doctors are wonderful and they treat us very well. I'm just now posting my testimony, we decided that we would wait until a miracle comes because we knew it was going to come soon, for the glory of God.

"I AM PREGNANT"! I am six weeks pregnant and I feel wonderful. My husband doesn't know how to react, he's very shocked and excited at the same time.

Doctor Perez and his assistant Doctor Levi are guided by the hands of God every time they are doing a reversal. I recommend it to any woman that would like to have a reversal with them.

God bless you all and all those who had a reversal already and to the ones who are going to have it.

Ileana Vasquez de Giron

37 years old.

Tubes tied 1992.

Tubal reversal June 2003.
4 to 5 inches in both sizes.


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