Julie & Juergen Weitkuhn


August  2003


Tubal reversal 

Aug  2003


Pregnancy #1

It"s a Boy! 9/06/04

Pregnancy #1

It"s a Boy! 10/27/05

Pregnancy #1

It's a Boy! 2/02/07







Jared Matthew Weitkuhn

Born February 02, 2007



Jesse Evert Weitkuhn

Born October 27, 2005



Isaac Juergen Weitkuhn

Born 10 days early on Labor Day Sep 6, 3004...how fitting right?!  weighed 8 lbs 5oz.and 21 1/2inches long.

I still can't believe in one year how my life has changed. I just pray that I will be a Godly example to this little one.

In Him ~ Julie & Juergen Weitkuhn


May Update!

Hi All: Went for my 20 week ultrasound and found out we are having a boy. It was such a blessing to see him kick boxing in there...lol. Everything is going well so far. I appreciate this site and all the time and effort that is put into running it.

In Him~Julie

January 2004 - update!

I just found out I am pregnant. I just had my first round of tests and looks good. I am in shock to say the least. For some reason I pictured the worst scenario instead of leaning on Him. I had my reversal August 15th and can say nothing but good things about Dr. Perez for those of you who are just starting out. All of those in different stages it is all worth the "what-ifs". I am going to just enjoy my little one for today.

In Him~Julie

August 2003

Thought I would write how everything went while it was still fresh. We had a few trials along the way. The first was the " blackout" in NY and we were to leave in the middle of the night. I immediately prayed for God's protection in that it would not affect the airports that I needed to travel. By morning we were fine and on our way.

We arrived at McAllen airport and Joe found us by description. I will tell you that it was a huge comfort having him there to take care of all of the details in getting us to hospital. He is very nice and is worth the money in gold! I arrived early at hospital and because of an error was not able to start surgery until 7 pm, so I was in a lot of pain with migraine from not eating for so long. While we were waiting we realized that the hurricane was heading our way. Turned out to be a tropical storm.

At 7 p.m. I was brought to the operating room, and I remember them rubbing my back to prep for the epidural, and that is it. I remember nothing else! I woke up later in my room again and rested very well. My girlfriend who was with me stayed in the room with me, and they provided pillow and comfy blankets. I was not sick in any way after surgery and in the morning was ready for shower and to be released.

I was left with 5cm on each side, and Dr. Levy said he could give me 99.9% chance ... although we know it is up to the Lord. The cost was $1910 because I required more pain meds. Believe me our joke was my friend calling the nurse and saying "room uno...doloro (pain)" ~ they would just giggle after awhile.

I was a little concerned about the ride back the next day with all of the bumps, but let me tell you, Joe really took it easy for me. We stayed at Super 8 in McAllen, and I can 'not' recommend them until they get new management. We had tons of problems and never could get our door to open, which meant tons of trips up and down stairs to get new door key. The very last morning before our flight was to leave we got completely locked out for good and had to have the door broken down...just a little stressful.

We used the yellow checker taxi to take us from the hotel to the airport ($10) and were on our journey back home. I had 4 flight changes but airports were wonderful and had wheelchair at every terminal.

I did and do not have a lot of pain, but my stitches do dig in and then there is pain with walking right now. My biggest blessings were support panties and a big non-stick bandage for at night and while walking.

Overall, I would go again if I had to ... the hospital was so clean and the treatment there was better than anything I have ever received in the states. I think the worst thing is just being nervous and being out of the country. Yet, our God is bigger than that. He hears our fears and anxieties. So just give it to Him and let go. I pray this group will continue to grow in God's love and what a blessing it has been to our family.

In Him ~ Julie Weitkuhn


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