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August  2003


Tubal reversal  Aug 9, 2003

Pregnancy #1 edd Sep 11, 2005





January 2005

I had my reversal by Dr. Perez back in 2003 and they were wonderful!! I had 3cm on one side and 6cm on the other. After trying for so long I was wondering if I would ever become pregnant but come to find out my Prolactin was too high and that was causing my infertility after the reversal. After being put on a medication for two months to get my Prolactin under control ~~ here I sit pregnant.

My baby will be due Sept 11th 2005. For all you guys that are starting the journey just hang in there and it will happen.


August 2003

Hello everyone,

We left our house at 7:40 am on Friday, August 8th 2003 and arrived in Pharr Texas at 1:30pm. We went to the Wal-mart and walked around for a while to waste sometime before heading to the hospital. After a while we headed for the border and we got a red light so we had to go park for them to inspect our car. All they did was look in the trunk and then we were off again. Once you turn left at the 4th red light you make a left at the first street to get to the hospital. There was no street signs once you turn at the red light so we drove around until we finally found it.

We got at the hospital at 3:30 pm and Dr. Levy was there waiting for us. He asked when the last time I ate and I told him 10:30 am so he asked if I wanted to have my surgery that night, and of course I said yes. He showed us to our room which was room #7 and it was really nice with a couch in it for my husband to sleep on. I showered and put on my gown and they started my IV. She got me with the first stick.

At 7:40 pm Dr Levi came in the room with a wheel chair and rolled me down the hall to the operating room. They helped me in the room and up on the table I went. And there over the door was the cross that everyone talks about and right then I cast my fears to the Lord. They had me roll over on my side and they started cleaning my back as Dr. Levi put some meds into my IV. I didn't feel a thing cause the next thing I remember was laying on my back and opening my eyes and seeing my husband right there beside me. I looked at the clock and it was 9 pm, and I asked the doctors how long my tubes were and they told me 3cm on the left and 6 on my right.

By 9:15 pm I was back in my room and not feeling any pain. That night the nurses kept coming in and giving me meds and checking on me. Around 8:30 am they took out the Foley and the epidural, and I was able to get up. It was a little rough cause I was sore but my husband was there helping me.

Dr Levi came in at 3 pm and asked if I was ready to go home or if I wanted to stay another night and I told him I was ready to get back home in my own bed. So I showered, he gave me the meds, and we were off heading back home. Going back to the U.S. wasn't hard at all cause all you tell them is you had surgery and then they look at your meds and they let you go.

My Surgery cost me $1850.00 and it was so worth it! The entire staff is wonderful! My husband and I are both EMT's and he is a medic in the Army, and we can assure you that everything was done sterile and perfect.

I thank God for Dr Perez and Levi because they are truly heaven sent.

****Husband talking now!***

Dr Levi is a very nice guy and they were just amazing! They were very considerate about how my wife felt during surgery. It was a wonderful experience altogether!

Janeen & Juan Woods



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