Mary and Shane Wright


February  2003


Tubal reversal 

Feb 13, 2003


Pregnancy #1

It's a Boy! 12/15/03

Pregnancy #2

It's a Girl! 1/1/06





~ IT'S A GIRL ~ 

Alyssa Paige Wright

(TR baby #2). She arrived Sunday 1/1/06, and was the New Year's Baby for our hospital. Very exciting! She weighed 6lbs 11 oz & 19 inches long. We did spend a week in & out of the hospital because of her jaundice, but things are perfect now and we couldn't be happier.



~ IT'S A BOY ~ 

Chase Flin Wright

Our little bundle of joy arrived Monday Dec. 15,2003 at 3:11 pm. He weighed 7lbs. 9oz. & 20 1/4 inches long, pretty good for just carrying him 37 1/2 weeks. No complications! We were both home the next day by noon!



Sept 2005

We are expecting our second TR baby!  Due date once again in January, but with my early delivers I expect we will have our beautiful little girl - Alyssa Paige by the end of the year. I thank God for his many blessings everyday.

February 2003

We decided to make a small vacation out of our trip. Our appointment was set for Thursday evening 2/13. We arrived at S. Padre Island Wednesday afternoon, did some shopping, went to a nice restaurant, saw the ocean and beach, and stayed the night prior to and night after the surgery.

We got up early Thursday morning and headed for Mexico. I was not nervous about our trip until seeing the border, but that passed quickly. We went straight to the hospital, no problems finding it with the direction off this site. Got there about 10:30 or 11 and were greeted right away. The young lady confirmed we were there to see Dr. Perez, and took us back to a desk to fill out and sign a paper or two. Dr. Levi was there to great us within a few minutes of arriving at the hospital. He wanted to know if we were ready then, instead of waiting for later that evening. We were! We were taken to room #3 right away, changed into the gown, prepped, IV... and we were headed to surgery no more that an hour and a half after arriving.

Got into the wheel chair, went into OR, husband changed into scrubs, got on table and anesthesiologist introduced himself got me in position for the epidural and I don't know how much later but when I woke-up my husband informed me they had started on the first tube. I talked a lot, had many questions and was quite alert. I never felt a thing. We returned to our room about an hour and a half later. Very odd not to be able to feel your lower half. It was my first epidural, and if I ever had to have another, I would hope for it to be as easy as this one!

Our experience was no less than everyone else's. Everything I read was verbatim what we experienced. There was the beautiful crucifix in the OR that everyone spoke of. The staff was so kind and made it a point to make us comfortable (I had a fan brought in that evening). My husband can't say enough good about everyone. When Levi came in to check on me I was hungry, asked him where Shane could get me some true Mexican food (a first for me and it was good). Instead of telling him where to go, he drove Shane there and ordered for him. They visited while waiting. Shane enjoyed it very much. Dr. Levi came back in to make sure all was well and visited with us some more. I got concerned that we may be keeping him from something, but he said he was there to make sure we were comfortable with everything, and that he did. He gave us the same waiting instructions. I was informed I had 6-7 cm on each side and 80-90% chance of conceiving. The fee of $1850 was small compared to how I felt while there and since I've returned.

Next morning I was ready to go. Saw Dr. Levi again and he gave us the green light to go home. The nurse came in and so kindly and softly removed everything and bandaged me up. The previous night I spent hours on the phone with another woman who had the surgery just prior to me. I was eager to get up and meet her. We waited around with her for her husband to arrive and pick her up. He stayed the night in Pharr with their children. While waiting, we ran into Dr. Perez and took some photos. I was a little upset not to get any of Dr. Levi. When Anthony arrived to pick up Annette we had one of the most meaningful prayers I had ever felt.

This was an awesome experience, and we'd do it all over again!






Mary, Dr. Perez, Shane Wright


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