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August  2003


Tubal reversal  Aug 16, 2003

Pregnancy #2 edd Apr 25, 2005





August 2004

Well it has been a year since the reversal, and after our miscarriage in late March, I am glad to announce that I am pregnant again!!! It seems like it took forever but my OB said to stop stressing on it so much and well she was right.

It looks like I am due on 4/25/05 so I will keep everyone updated and praying the next 2 months go smoothly and we can add to your growing list of new arrivals.

To anyone in doubt, Julie W and I are proof positive that Dr. Perez and his wonderful staff are God sent. We had our TR's in August of 03 and well ~ I am tickled pink right now.

Rita Wright Stevens

March 2004

Hello everyone, I had my reversal done on 8/15/03 I am now expecting, I just took a test it finally says positive!! I had become very obsessed with the testing at one point and finally took a few months and did not stress so much about it. And it happened. I just wanted to thank you all for the support and encouragement not to give up on the whole experience. It looks like I am due on the 2nd or 3rd of Dec. 2004 what a Christmas blessing to have.

Love to all and don't give up ladies this is the best thing that I have done.


August 2003

Things went wonderfully! We left from VA on Thursday night to head to NC. We dropped the kids off and then headed over to Raleigh Friday afternoon. We caught the plane from there and went to Houston and then to McAllen. We got a shuttle to the Holiday Inn Express right there on 10th Street and got a room for 2 nights. I think the rate was 69.00 a night, (wonderful hotel!) and then we got up at 5 in the morning on Sat. to catch a cab to Rio Bravo.

Well in all the excitement I could not find Joe's phone number and had to catch another cab over to the hospital who got us lost, etc but we made it. They got me in the room and ready with the IV and wheeled me down the hall. Rodney, my husband, followed behind me. I got in the OR and was looking at the doctor who was giving me the sleepy meds and smiling at me. I remember looking out into the hall to see where Rodney was and there above the door was the cross that everyone talks about.

I don't remember Dr. Levi or Rodney being in there with me, but they were. I have 6cm on the left and 5 cm on the right. Another lady from the group found her way down to see me right after I got out of surgery, and we said our quick hello and good byes since she was being released. Joe was there at the time to take Julie back. So Rodney and Dr. Levi went out to lunch for a while, and then Joe came and got us when they released me around 11:30 pm on Sat. night! Joe is WONDERFUL!

We left McAllen around 4 on Sunday and headed back home. I am back in VA, and only sore from the incision. No other pain.

So all in all I DO NOT regret having this done, it is probably one of the best decisions I have made so far. And to anyone going to Rio Bravo I know that it scary and nerve racking, but they are all wonderful.

Thank you (RioBravoReversals) for being here for me, and thank you to the staff in Rio Bravo!

Love to you All,

Rita Wright


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