Rebecca & Dan  Wyers


May  2003


Tubal reversal  May  2003

Pregnancy #2 edd Aug 7, 2004

Twin boys  born May 27, 2004





Welcome to

Dylan James Wyers


Dustin Robert Wyers

the boys were born May 27th -weighing in at Dylan 2 lbs and 1.9 oz, Dustin at 3lbs - 5oz.   The Drs say they are the best 28 weekers they have seen in a long time PTL!!!

Update! February 2004 ~~ TWINS!

Went for my sonogram on Thursday and God had blessed me with not one but TWO beautiful babies!! can you believe it?!! I cried and I am so scared twins run in the family but I had no idea it would be MY own family what a truly special event this has been. And to top it all off I got pregnant off the left side only 2-3 cm! It is truly a miracle.

Due date is appx  8/7 ~ baby b is later than baby a they said that is very very common one develops faster from the split; they also saw 2 separate sacks which is what they want to see and I saw eyes, ears, noses ~ it was so wonderful! I wept. It was so remarkable that something so wonderful could happen to me. We went to the baby store Saturday and put in layaway 2 car seats and two swings, want to get ahead of the game so that the expense of two does not devastate us. thank you for all the prayers. I am in complete awe to His powers and generosity. Rebecca W

Update December 2003

Hi and Happy New Year to all! I am pregnant again and the due date for now is 8/13/04 !!! I was scared and excited all at the same time. I NEVER EVER expected to conceive so soon after the miscarriage. I have a special thanks to God for the day to enjoy my baby just one more day. :-) Rebecca

Update October 2003

I have sad news. God decided he needed my baby more than I did and I know there is a reason yet at the same time I still want to scream out why!!!!!!!!! I do know that it will happen again, or at least hope, and try again I shall. Again thank you all for the thoughts and prayers.

Update October 2003

Hi to all !!!!!! Just wanted to thank all of you for the continual caring for each other. ...... as of today I tested positive to a hpt and was so thankful to God for bringing us all Dr Perez! Its been 13 years since I had been pregnant last. I am excited and yet scared all at the same time. No date yet, I am guessing May. Thank all of you for prayers and ears!!

May 2003

Hi everyone! Just returned today from Mexico did lots much to much I guess I am exhausted and a little sore. All I can say is was so worth all the no shopping days to go. Everyone was so right the people there are great the food is wonderful and I feel so complete now. I got a 70% chance to have more children and was left with 3 inches (?) on the left and 5-6 on the right. The doctor who did the ligation really cut the left side up, but can't go back and put it back. Just fixing it was great. It was GREAT!!! Thank you all for your prayers and eyes (ears) :)

Take care and God Bless,

Becky Wyers



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