Loretta B

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Surgery Date Dec 2004
Tube length  L R
Pregnancy 1 It's a Girl! Dec 2005
Pregnancy 2  






Welcome Baby B

Born: 12-2005  Weight: 7 lbs 4 oz Length: 19 in.

April 2005

I'm 7 weeks pg now and the doctor told me I was having a healthy baby.

December 2004

We got to McAllen, TX Airport it was at 3:30pm, so we went and rented a car.  I thought I could drive there with no problems, was I wrong! I went the wrong way, couldn't figure out the speed limit.  Once I realized I was lost, I had to get over in the other lane because it was a one way street. I had to make a u-turn. Got lost again, so I stopped where there was a policeman and he took me straight to the hospital.

They called Dr. Levi, and he told me to go ahead and let them get me in a bed and start my IV and they will do my surgery in the morning. I told him I had not eaten anything since last night at midnight, and got sick on the plane and got a headache, could he please go ahead and do it now, he told me go ahead and get IV started and he will see if they could. At 6:00pm that night, he came in and told me they were going to do it then. They started my IV, and it hurts, she had trouble but would not take it out and try again she just kept pushing and moving it up and down. They finally got it, Dr. Levi comes in and puts something in my IV, and said that will help me from being sick at my stomach, then the nurse came back in and put a cap on my head and something on my feet, then wheeled me in the room where the doctors were, and Dr Levi told me to get up on the table, so I looked up over the door and saw the cross with Jesus, and yes it is pretty. I laid down on the table and they put me in a fetal position. I thought what they had put in my IV in the room was all they were going to give me, and I was still awake. I looked up at Dr. Levi and told him I wanted to be asleep and he said 'that's what this is now that I'm getting ready to put in your IV'. That's the last thing I remember until I woke up in my room. My husband told me during my surgery I woke up and told the doctor I felt that, and every time I woke up they would shoot more medicine through my IV. They said I woke up three times and he said, I would go back out. I was not in pain, but could not feel from my waist down and let me tell you that was real weird. Then that later at night, the nurse brought me some hot tea and jello.

My husband said they were nice. All through the night there was a nurse that came in and checked on me and ran more medicine through my epidural line. They were cleaning the room all the time, and it did not smell like a hospital.

The next morning, I could feel my feet and legs, so I asked if I could get up, and they told me to eat. Then Dr. Levi came in and I asked him could they take out my IV now so I can eat and he did. After I ate a little, I got up with a nurse helping me. Dr. Levi told us that he was proud of me because most of his patients take longer, but even though I was in pain, I got up and walked all over that small hospital.

Then at noon I got to hurting real bad on my right side and went back in the hospital and had the nurse to tell Dr. Levi, they put the wrap on and gave me a shot in my hip, then I went to sleep, and I was supposed to leave the hospital to go home at 2:00 pm.  After I started walking around I was okay. Dr Levi came in and asked me how I'm feeling and I told him fine but could he still give me a shot for the trip home, he did, and I'm glad he did!!! I took a shower and ate a little after my shower, then told him bye and left. I asked my husband if he wanted me to drive to airport he said if you feel like it, so I drove.  Got lost going to the airport and we were running late, thought we were going to miss our plane. I drove to the airport, parked the rental car and I went to check us in and got me a wheel chair, they took me straight through to the plane. Every time I got off the plane there was a wheel chair there for me. Once back in home I drove almost all the way home, until I got to hurting too bad. I do recommend taking Tylenol 8 hour with you, it's the best.