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Reversal 12/11/2004
Lengths 3cm 4cm
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December 2004

We flew to Mcallen, TX where Fanny drove us to the hospital Friday evening. We were settled in pretty good for the night despite the fact that we couldn't articulate that we needed blankets, lol. But hubby cuddled with me in the bed to stay warm and it was pretty comfy. The next morning we were shuffled off to surgery and I remember them preparing me for the epidural but not actually receiving it. Next I remember, I am in surgery and Lance says he knew I was doing ok when I kept asking if they started yet. He said they were about finished at that point, LOL.

Aside from the embarrassing times of telling them all that I loved them and they were doing a fantastic job, under anesthesia, all went great. Unfortunately, I didn't get the great odds of conceiving that I hoped for due to the type of tubal that I had. I have 3 centimeters on one side and 4 on the other with a high chance of scar tissue closing me back up. But that's ok, and I loved the way Dr. Levi reminded me that God is in control now so I'm believing for the best.

It was all worth it! My husband compared the experience to someone jumping out of an airplane without a chute to catch one on the way down, LOL. He was a bit worried in the beginning but was relieved at the end. Physically I'm feeling great now and more and more like myself. The vacation right afterwards was pushing it a bit but I took it easy and tried not over doing.

Thank you all for the encouragement that you gave me and all the prayers!!!!

To any ladies having surgery coming up, Its all worth it!!!!

Lots of Love,