Kelli and Allen Bucklin



March  2004


Tubal reversal 

Mar 1, 2004


Pregnancy #

It's a boy!  June 2006







Elijah John Bucklin

Born June 2006 -  he weighed lbs. 9oz. 22" long


February 2006

Please join us as we celebrate our son Elijah being knit together!!! That's right, it's a BOY!!!  We are thrilled to announce that we are expecting a son in June. This is his picture taken  yesterday. His estimate weight is 14 oz's! 

October 2005

We are pregnant! We are expecting a special blessing due early summer 2006! Praise the Lord!

March 2004

Well Ladies and Gents, here I am in the hospital recovering from my surgery. We arrived here at about 11:a.m. and the receptionist called Dr. Levi. He came in right away and said that he had to make sure that everyone was here otherwise they would need to wait until 7 tonight to perform the surgery. Well he made a few calls and had me and Allen follow him to a room where I changed and had my IV installed. Sounds like I am having a computer upgrade huh? Well I guess we can consider this a body upgrade~ So a few minutes later Dr Levi came and took Allen to get on scrubs, and the nurse finished prepping. So we went in, and I had my epidural put in, and they gave me a shot of some sleepy meds. I was awake for most of the surgery. The anesthesiologist really did a great job staying on top of what I needed which really added to my comfort and piece. I never really felt any pain, only once a short twinge, the minute I reacted to it, the doctor added more meds and I was instantly relieved. I ended up keeping the epidural for pain relief and am not sure when they will take it out; I am assuming that it is because I am allergic to the normal types of pain meds, like codeine and morphine. Maybe someone else who has already had there surgery can comment as to if this is standard. I don't know.

So anyways, they complete the operation and continued to reassure Allen again and again as he was really nervous. They did a really good job of that too. Dr Levi came back when I was a little more coherent and said that I have 5cm on the right side and 6cm on the left. He said everything looked real good, and that I should have no problems getting pregnant. Not that this is our goal but it sure is a nice side effect of being whole. Well I am going to get some sleep and will update you a little later.

Update: Well it is now Thursday and I am finally home and in bed. Praise be to God! I am doing very well. I'm a little soar, more so if I move the wrong way. I am pretty tired and have slept most of the day away today, which has really added to my comfort, sleep really is restorative! I am so happy to be home in my bed and not in another hotel, though if you had asked me last night I would have slept on a sidewalk as I was so worn, and all we did yesterday was fly.

The hospital was great, the food was good and the people were wonderful! I was glad to know a little Spanish that made the language less of an issue; I would really encourage anyone going to take the time to learn a few words. I am truly amazed at the difference in care between the states and Mexico; the horrific stories are quite reversed! Not that I am saying that this is standard there, just my experience.

The trip home was really tiring, from the airport (in Dallas) it is more like a ten hour drive. Yahoo maps list it as 8 but it is much longer. We had a great trip though as we tend to really enjoy car rides. The rides on the way back were a little less fun; the hardest was the home stretch from Boston to Maine.

I also wanted to let everyone here know that I asked Dr. Levi the reason that they suggested 2-3 months without conception, (2 was written in my op report and no relations for 15 days), his reasoning was that it can cause damage to conceive to early with everything still healing, and it gives your body a good amount of healing time before putting it through the changes that pregnancy brings. I can definitely understand that, as it would be very disheartening as well. We have decided to wait the 15 days at least; I am not so sure about there after, what do you do but trust in the Lord?

Thank you all for giving us this wonderful gift! I have to say that if it wasn't for the occasional twinge of pain I would believe it was finally done, it seems so surreal.


Kelli and Allen

and Children (4 so far)!


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