Michelle Butler


November 2004


Tubal ligation August 1995

Tubal reversal  Nov13, 2004

4cm-left side
5 cm - right side




November 2004

First of all, it took me almost 18 months to get up the nerve to go to Rio Bravo for my tubal reversal. I wish I would've decided sooner, because it turned out to be a good experience.

I am 35 years old and had my tubal ligation after the birth of my daughter 10 years ago. At the time, I had a toddler, a newborn, a full time job, and worked the day shift, opposite of my husband. For 18 months, my husband and I took care of our children without any outside help. Needless to say, we were completely overwhelmed and decided that we didn't want any more children. So, when our daughter was 8 months old, I had the tubal ligation. By the time she turned a year old, I completely regretted my decision. My DH was content with our decision until about two years ago. I started surfing the WEB for tubal reversal doctors and costs involved. I visited this website several times a month, reading the testimonials and praying for peace about going to Rio Bravo myself.

We were scheduled for Sunday, November 14th, but was able to have the surgery on Saturday the 13th instead. I had a feeling that they would do it shortly after I arrived (based on testimonies on this site!) so I didn't eat or drink anything since breakfast. By 7pm that evening, I was on my way to the operating room!

When I got on the table, the doctor asked me to curl up in a ball. I objected at first because I was afraid that he was going to insert the epidural while I was still awake and able to feel it. He reassured me that I would be asleep way before he did anything. Sure enough, I didn't feel the epidural or the catheter. I woke up several times during the surgery, and could feel pressure on my left side which felt very uncomfortable. It wasn't painful, but I didn't like the feeling. I told the doctors that I wanted more sleepy medicine because I would've rather been asleep... By the way, I was able to see the mysterious Dr. Perez and we said hello to each other.

The next morning I had the catheter removed and my I.V removed by late afternoon, which didn't hurt at all. I spoke to Dr. Levy to see how things went. He said that I had 4cm on the left and 5 cm on the right, and had a 60% chance of conceiving. I was hoping for better odds but I'm still happy that I had the surgery done to make me "whole" again.

My son is going to be 13 yrs old in January 05, and my daughter will be 10 yrs old this December, and my DH and I will be married 14 yrs in Feb 05. If we are blessed to have more children, we would like to have two more before I turn 40 yrs old. If we don't have anymore children, we are still blessed beyond our wildest dreams and will be forever grateful to God, and the staff in Rio Bravo, Mexico.

Michelle Butler

T.L August 1995

T.R November 2004

4cm on left side
5 cm on right side

60% chance of conceiving..


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