Jenell & Chris Chow


February 2004


Tubal reversal 

Feb 21, 2004


Pregnancy #1

It's a Girl!  4/10/05

Pregnancy #2

It's a boy!  5/31/06








Keitaro Raven Chow

Our son was born on May 31st at 1:50 p.m. He weighed 8 lbs 4 oz and 19 " long. Keitaro is our 2nd reversal baby. I had my surgery on Feb 21, 2004  blessings,
Chris and Jenell Chow





Takara  Lorelei Chow

arrived on April 10,at 5:12 p.m. she weighed 8 lbs 9ozand 20" long.  Chris and I were also very lucky all our children wanted to see the birth and they were all in the delivery room the whole time, which really meant a lot to me as they are ages 18, 14 and 13.  We cant thank the Good Lord, and Dr. Perez and his Staff enough.  Updated:  14 months old! 


October 2005

My husband Chris and I went to Dr Perez and had our reversal on Feb.21, 2004. Our first reversal baby was born on April 10,2005 a baby girl. We wanted to let everyone know we are expecting our second reversal baby edd June 8, 2006. We will keep everyone updated.

Blessings Chris and Jenell Chow

November 2004

I just wanted to let everyone know that we went to the Dr yesterday and she did an u/s and informed us we were having a little girl. I go back in 3 weeks to have another u/s so she can get good look at her heart but the Dr did see her spine and head and said all looked good so far but she wants to get a good look at her heart, the little one just wouldn't sit still long enough for the Dr to get a good look today. I will keep you updated

Blessings Jenell

October 2004

I just wanted to let everyone know that yesterday Chris and I went to the Dr. and we heard our baby's heart beat. Chris was so excited as this his first child. I have also felt the baby move a few times, which is really cool since I am only 14 weeks. I can't thank the Good Lord enough, although I speak to Him every day. For I know it was God who led us to Dr Perez and his staff.

Blessings Chris and Jenell Chow

August 2004!!

I know I have my hopes up, I took a first response pregnancy test today and I got 2 lines!! The good Lord has been so good to us, and helped us in so many ways. I pray for a healthy pregnancy for me, and for all of you who are pregnant now and all of that are waiting. Due April 2005

Blessings, Jenell Chow

February 2004

The surgery was scheduled for Feb. 21 2004. We left Las Vegas on the 20th at 4:30 by plane. When we checked in they had a wheel chair for me, I told them there is suppose to be one for me on the way back not on the way there. The lady just smiled and said well you can pre board any ways so we did. I said another pray to myself and we were off, we connected in Dallas at about 9:30 p.m. and again they had a wheel chair. (lol) we pre boarded and landed in McAllen at 11:30 PM it was a small airport we looked all over for Aimee for the taxi ride she wasn't late we just forgot to find out what she looked like but we found her and she took us to Rio Bravo. She was very nice told us all about Mexico even though we couldn't see much because it was dark.

It was about midnight when we got to the hospital and she called Dr Levi. He met us about 15 min. later. He had a full hospital so he set us up a cot to sleep on just until the morning when we could get our own room. We slept until the nurse woke us up in the morning. she had a gown and was showing me to put in on and take off my clothes. She didn't speak English but is very good hand gestures to get her point across. She put me in a wheel chair and wheeled me into the room, my dh Chris was getting on his robe and booties and he had to get new booties because he ripped the pair they gave him because they were to small. They put me on my side on the table and hooked me up to the IV and gave me my epi. shot in the back, and I started to feel the medicine go in me and then I don't remember anything until I woke up in my room after the surgery. My dh husband said I was talking and asking questions like 'how are my tubes' and 'are they long enough'. He also said that they strap your arms down so you don't move and I guess I kept on moving my hands like little pinchers trying to see. I do not remember any of it but when Chris tells me it sure makes a funny story.

When Dr Levi came in to check on me later I asked him how everything went and he smiled and said fine, I asked if my tubes were ok and they laughed because I already asked these questions, but I didn't remember. He told me they were fine, no scarring or cysts or anything and I had 6 cm on both sides. I felt fine except I couldn't feel my legs yet and it took some time for that to wear off.

The next day they took out my IV and tube for the pain meds. and the catheter. I do recommend that if you go, to go with someone because the first time I got up to go to the bathroom I couldn't stand on my leg it was because of the pain medicine. I am glad my dh Chris was there or I would have fallen. The next day we went shopping with a couple we met. It was nice to get out of the hospital just to be able to look around. But before we checked out from the hospital to shop, Dr Levi spend a good 15 to 20 min. with us just talking he was very nice. I never did get to meet Dr Perez.

We all went shopping and we laughed and joked. Aimee was helpful in telling us where we could get things cheaper later or how to get it cheaper there, and she enjoys herself. It was nice to be able to meet Nicola because now at least I have a face to someone that we talk to. lol

I want everyone to know I felt very comfortable there in Rio Bravo and would go again in a heart beat. I feel the Good Lord led us there, and I felt at peace the whole time. The Doctors are great and the nurses are to. I would recommend anyone to go there, they are much more personal and I can tell they really care. All went well and we should have no problem getting pregnant, 6cm. on both sides, no scar tissue or cysts or anything. Can't wait hopefully the Good Lord will bless us soon..

Blessings ---

Jenell Chow


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