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November 2004


Tubal reversal  Nov 20, 2004





November 2004

Hello to all! I just wanted to say thanks to Dr. Levi, Dr. Perez, and all of the great staff at Hospital De Las Americas. Here is how my journey goes. I began searching for a TR doctor in 2002. My fiancÚ and I had decided that this was something that we wanted to do and the search began. We looked over many many doctors, spoke with many doctors and my Darren even had an SA test done to make sure all bases were covered. One day I came across the website by accident and was very intrigued. I called Darren and told him what I had found. We both looked over Dr. Perez's site and agreed to check him out. My sister in law is in the medical field and is from Honduras so she helped us do some research. All came out great and so I called Dr. Levi and spoke with him in September. I was so impressed that I set my surgery date that day. It was set for November 20th, 2004. I didn't think that the day would never come . Then, before I knew it, it was here.

We traveled from Metairie, Louisiana on Thursday night and got to Houston late. On Friday morning, we set out for a long drive to cross the border. The weather was nice and the drive was fast. We made it there in no time. The border crossing was easy as pie and we found the hotel right away. I was not scheduled until Saturday morning, but we decided to check in at the hospital and see what they needed me to do before the big day. Well, to my surprise, Dr. Levi said since I was already there, they would take me that night. I was sooooo excited!!!!!! It was 4 pm and by 6:30, I was in surgery. The hospital was so clean and well kept. The nurses were very efficient. I was out of surgery by 7:30pm and feeling good.

My mother, sister in law and neice stayed in the Las Mansion Hotel down the street from the hospital. They said it was really nice. I stayed in the hospital that night and Saturday around 1pm I was on the move back to Texas. Dr. Levi said that everything went really well and that my lengths are 6cm on both sides. As a side note, Darren had met a few other husbands whose wives were having surgery this weekend, too. Two of the ladies were from Louisiana and two were from Texas, I believe. I want to say congratulations to them and I hope all of their dreams come true.

Again, I wish to say thanks to Dr. Levi and all the people who made my dream come true. Today, is November 21, 2004 and I am back in Houston. I am fine, just a little sore. I will post the picture soon that we took in front of the hospital.

Good Luck to all and God Bless.

Dawn and Darren Clouatre

P. S. Dr. Levi, we found the Tejano Saloon to go dancing next time I come to go shopping.!!!


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