Lashanda Davis


October  2004


Tubal reversal  Oct 23, 2004





October 2004

I have nothing but nice things about doctor Perez and his staff. I took the plane from North Carolina. He also remove cyst from my left tubes. He said I have 5cm r and 4cm l. Which is a good chance. When I returned home I saw my doctor when it was time to have my stitches removed.   She acted as if she didn't want to.  She kept asking me can the doctor that did it see me. I told her I wasn't going over there when she could do. I had my reversal on Oct 23 and it was Dec 9th before my stitches was removed.  Anyway I kept an infection for a month.

I demanded that she do an ultrasound and she finally did on Dec 16. The ultrasound stated that I have a cysts back on the same tube. The good news is God has a way of putting things there when you need it. I met a women that started working with us a she stated that she had gotten pregnant with a cyst; she said after they announced that to her she had 4 kids after that. So that lifted me a lot.

I recommend Fanny to anyone. She helped me to understand the nurses. She and Dr. Perez's staff was very good to my husband and I.

Lashanda Davis



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