Colleen Gardner


July  2004


Tubal reversal 

July 28,  2004


Pregnancy #1 2004 m/c

Pregnancy #2 2005 m/c


January 2008

My tubal reversal was done July 2004. I would like to say that i did my research before deciding to go to mexico for my reversal.  I was, and still am very happy with my experience. The hospital was clean, the nurses were very helpful and the doctor was great.

The hospital was a little hard for me to find but my little Spanish from one year in high school was enough to help me get directions. I was scheduled for a morning surgery but was worked in that evening. The food was good too. I was in pain on the way home but that is to be expected from having my stomach cut into. I knew there was no guarentee that it would work but i was still hopeful.

I got pregnant the next month which turned out to be ectopic. Morrigan is now in heaven. I got pregnant the following April with Trinity and lost that baby. I again got a positive pregnancy with whom would have been named Blaze.  My doctor later found there was no pregnancy instead i had a growth in my uterus. That was in 2005. 

I have been tring to get pregnant ever since. The doctor can find no reason why i am not pregnant. i figure it is not the right time. Even though i have had these losses i am still hopeful. If it were not for the doctors in Mexico i would have no chance at all. I hope to have a child someday if it is what is suppose to be for me.

Colleen Gardner

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