Shane and Lisa Elam


March  2004


Tubal reversal  Mar 27, 2004





March 2004

Hello everyone!!

Well, Shane and I are back from Rio Bravo. The trip went very well! (except the plane first time to fly..LOL) Dr. Levi was so nice...and it was such a pleasure to meet him and Fanny..and the rest of the staff at the hospital. I did have a bit of a hard time understanding what the nurses wanted, but soon figured out the "sign language." Fanny met us at the airport, and took us straight to the hospital which is about a 25 minute drive, maybe less. As soon as we got there, Dr. Levi was there and they put us in a room. Within minutes, I was in surgery. Pretty much the rest of the day is a blur. I don't remember really talking to anyone, although my husband told me that Eileen and Michelle both came in and talked to me.  Thank you both so much for your support while you were there!! I wish you LOTS of baby dust :)!!!!

Dr. Levi told me my lengths the next day and I was so happy!! I have 7-8 cm on the left and 7 on the right! I never even dreamed they would be that LONG!!! Good luck to anyone that is going in the future! You will just love Dr. Levi...he is a very sweet man! Don't forget to take some paper with the words pain and hungry on them in Spanish..LOL. My hubby helped and took the paper to the nurses, and got me what I needed right away.

God Bless!

Shane and Lisa Elam


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