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Reversal 11/04/04
Lengths L6 R4
Preg  1 2012 mc
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Feb 2012
both tubes open




Feb 2012

I had my tubal reversal back on Nov.4th, 2004. A little after 7 years my husband and I were shocked and so happy that we finally were able to conceive again and found out in January, 2012 we were expecting our first reversal baby. The Baby's due date was in Sept. but sadly we had a miscarriage and lost the baby.

Our hearts were devastated, but glad to find out we were finally able to conceive after all that time and that the Baby was in the right spot!

Also, I just had an HSG yesterday with great news, both tubes open and flowed freely!

Through the pain of what we thought God was saying no to, HE led us to adopt the past 7 years; we have gone from two biological children, to having adopted 4 more and currently working on our 5th adoption and have been blessed with getting 3 more additional children as foster children. Currently putting us at having 10 blessings from the Lord. I just had to share that bit too as it was in God's plan, we just didn't know it yet.

And now to be surprised with the blessing of having at least gotten pregnant once after our reversal and will leave it up to God to bless us again through our open tubes and the blessing of knowing we still received the children HE wanted to bless us with. Had we gotten pregnant when 'we' wanted, we would have missed out on HIS blessing for more by the gift of adoption and 8 other lives we would have missed!

As a friend once told me, now maybe God is saying it's your turn to have that baby after you have listened to me through adoption and obedience! How shallow our minds and hearts were 7 years ago. But so glad God got us through this and here we are, having been pregnant and lost, but knowing that our reversal did work after all, through adoption and now the joy of knowing my tubes are open! :)


November 2004

To all Ladies who have been and yet to be on there way! I can not say enough good things about my experience. What everyone has said is so true. Dr. Perez and Levi were great, the nurses and staff. I felt more comfortable there than in any hospital here in the U.S. I do not regret it at all, only I wish I would have done it sooner, but God has his own time table!

To make a long story short, we drove and would not recommend that means of travel. Going to Mexico was great. I drove 18 hours straight through from Wednesday Nov.3rd to around 2pm on Thursday the 4th. My husband than took over and drove the last 3 hours on down to Mexico. We arrived there at 5:30 pm and was in surgery by 7:30 and was out around 9:30pm. After getting back into my room, I could not sleep at all. I just kept weeping and praising God and praying the entire night. I was so happy to have the opportunity to be made whole again while making restitution with the Lord from my mistake 10 years ago. I at once felt whole again and was so happy.

I started feeling my legs again by 2 or 3am and was immediately ready to get up and walk, but they would not let me until closer to noon. I did great! It was the trip back home that really did me in and set me back. So I highly recommend flying!

My report was so much better than I had anticipated! My left tube is 6cm and my left is 4cm with an over 80% chance of conception in which we have the green light to start trying Jan. 1. I still feel like this is a dream, I am sure it will fully sink in later. The next day I got to meet Cathy L and her DH who are such great people of God. The nurses knew if I was not in my room that I was down in hers, it was quite funny.

Thank you all for sharing your stories with the rest of us and for your prayers.

God Bless you all,

Shelly Fender