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September 2004


Tubal reversal  Sept 3, 2004





September 2004

Dear Friends,

I got home Sunday afternoon from Mexico and am just now getting online. I myself have been so very blessed by the testimonies of those who have gone before me and am anxious to write up my own TR "story"; but until I get around to my "testimony" I'd like to give a quick update on my trip and surgery.

I arrived in McAllen Thursday evening and met Fanny who took me to Rio Bravo. After visiting with Dr. Levi and getting prepped I was in surgery less than an hour later. It lasted between 2 and 2 1/2 hours. The most difficult part of the surgery for me was that I kept shaking from being cold from the waist up (like you do after labor sometimes? I have a feeling this is common with the epidural?) This was the only truly uncomfortable part of the surgery itself. After telling Dr. Levi when meeting him that I didn't speak Spanish, he told me I started talking to them in Spanish during the surgery. Guess I had not forgotten all of my Spanish after all. I met a TR sister Michelle. She had her surgery Friday morning. She also came alone so it was nice to have her to visit with after my epidural wore off and catheter came out. We hired Fanny together Sat afternoon for shopping. Other than those couple hours spent looking for goodies to bring home to my family, I took advantage of my time at the hospital and rested, rested, rested. I knew having my feet up and napping all I wanted too would be hard to come by once I got home.

The whole experience has been such a deeply spiritual one. I found myself feeling very emotional on the whole trip. I think it is still sinking in that God gave me this opportunity for surgery to try to repair the horrible mistake I made having the TL. The doctors found my tubes had been cut right at the uterus and there was scar tissue and some reconstruction to be done to attach my tubes. Good chance that scar tissue will close up tubes again. Left side is 3-4 cent and right side is 4-5. My left ovary is pretty atrophied but right ovary looked healthier. At 45 years old they gave me no "odds" of getting pregnant and I didn't ask for predictions either. I am having an HSG in a month, and will not consider even TTC for two months. At my age, chances of having miscarrying is high enough at it is, let alone if I conceived before my body even had a chance to heal.

Couple hints: -I was in room #1, with was just fine but didn't have a mirror in bathroom. It would have been nice if I had brought a small travel mirror -I also forgot a watch or travel clock. I finally figured out which TV station had the time on it. I'd suggest bringing a clock if for nothing else than to make sure you wake up if you have to leave at 4:00 AM for an early flight like I did. -my neighbor and TR sister Michelle did not have a remote for her TV and there were not extras at the hospital. You might consider bringing a universal remote -I did not bring any snacks which was fine for me, I did eat EVERY bite of food they brought at meals. It was plain and simple food but good and nourishing. I found myself pretty hungry for someone just lying around all day. Bringing some simple easy to pack snacks would have been wise. - I drank two pitchers of the water at the hospital every day there. I knew it was important to flush my system. I enjoyed very much the hot rice drink they brought with meals as well as the different juices. But I was still always thirsty. There was a pop machine in the lobby!! But I had no pesos which is what it took. So any other Diet Coke addicts may want to try to bring some Mexican change for the pop machine

Many blessings to those waiting ..and heartfelt thanks to those who have gone before me in this journey. I thank my Father for the doctors in Rio Bravo and for this group of ladies who share their heart and experiences. God is so good and like I said before, it is still sinking in the wonderful thing He has done for me in providing for this surgery.

No matter the outcome....my prayer above everything else is that my experience glorifies Him.

Julee Feser



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