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April  2004


Tubal ligation June 27, 1992

Tubal reversal  Apr 15, 2004






 April 2004

I want to start out in God's name because it is only through his mercy that all things are possible. I left Pittsburgh, Pa on my 34th birthday (April 14, 2004) and flew American Airlines to Dallas. From Dallas we flew to Mcallen, Tx where Fanny was waiting for us at the airport. We (me, my 13 year old daughter and my best friend) had a very pleasant flight. We purchased our tickets on priceline for $200 each. (What a deal!) Fanny drove us to Reynosa where I had booked a hotel online (The Best Western). The hotel was undergoing renovations and looked a little scary from the outside. Inside however, was very clean and the staff was wonderful. The room was clean and cost about $75 for the night. ( It was supposed to include a breakfast, but we decided to have the buffet and were charged). After we got settled in it was about 3:00 pm Mexico time. The gentleman at the front desk called a taxi to take us to the shopping plaza. The taxi was very clean and the driver was very nice but overcharged us. It was agreed that he would charge us $60 peso (about $6 American) to drop us off and pick us up after 3 hours. He was very punctual but when he dropped us off back at the hotel he asked for $120 pesos ($12 american). We paid it because he was very reliable and the car was very clean. We also asked him to pick us up the next morning and take us back to the plaza. ( make sure that if you take a taxi you are VERY clear about the total cost)

The next morning, April 15th, the driver was very punctual and dropped us off at 10:00am and picked us up at 1:30. We had a great time shopping in Reynosa. Be sure to pay in pesos, you get a much better deal. The locals will only give you 10- pesos per dollar where as if you exchange your dollars you will get 11.4. There were a lot of very nice shops and one market called Mercado something that when you enter you just go through a maze of indoor shops. You can bargain on the prices! After we got back to the hotel we packed up our luggage and ate lunch in the hotel restaurant. The food was delicious and cost us about $200 pesos (($18-$20) for the 3 of us. They have the best fresh squeezed orange juice and just keep refilling it until you can't drink anymore! We hung out by the pool until 5pm when Fanny came to pick us up.

She drove us to the hospital. When we got there Fanny helped us to get checked in and told us that they might do the surgery that night. I was nervous but excited. A few minutes later a male nurse, Jorge, came in with a gown and told me to get undressed. I got a quick shower and changed into my gown. They came in and put the IV in and took blood. A while later Dr. Levy came in and asked me if I had any questions. He said they would do the surgery around 8pm. I was very excited and asked to call my husband. Jorge tried to reach my husband but only got the answering machine. My friend went into the surgery room with me. She's very brave! Dr. Moreno was very kind and gentle. After they put the epidural in I must have drifted off for a few minutes. I remember waking up a few times and once I heard my friend talking on Dr. Levy's phone. My husband had called to check on me and they held the phone to my ear so I could talk to him. I remember talking to him but don't remember what we said! After that I remember waking up and Dr. Moreno rubbing my head and holding my hand and asking if I was Ok? He was very comforting. He kind of looked like my husband and I must have thought he was my husband because I felt peaceful with him. My friend was standing on a stool looking over the Drs shoulders and was amazed at the experience. Talk about knowing your friends inside and out! :)

I don't remember much from that evening except asking my friend to call a nurse for pain medicine. They came in right away and put medicine in through the epidural tube and I was out again. The next morning we watched the Cinechannel (which had all American movies), until Dr. Levy came in. He told me I could get up and walk around a little. I went to visit 2 ladies who were also there for surgery, they were very nice but I am very bad with names! I stayed in the hospital until the next morning. The surgery was very successful and took about 2 hours. I had 6cm on one side and 7cm on the other. They had to remove some scar tissue and 2 cysts. The total cost was $2250.

On April 17th, Fanny came to pick us up at 9am to take us to our hotel. We wanted to stay in Rio Bravo so Dr. Levy made a reservation for us at a hotel called La Mansion. The hotel was very clean and modern. It cost about $45 a night for the three of us and included coupons for the free buffet breakfast. I felt this hotel was much nicer than the one in Reynosa. The hotel staff was wonderful and there were a few who spoke very good English and were very helpful. (Victor) The quality of customer service way exceeds that of service in the US I would really recommend the hotel in Rio Bravo to anyone who wants to have a little vacation while having their surgery.

We spent the next 2 days shopping. I must have walked 5 miles! I was not in pain at all. Maybe a little uncomfortable but with all of the excitement, I really didn't feel anything. We went to Progresso for shopping one day and discovered that there is a bus station called Nuestro in Rio Bravo where you can catch a bus to Progresso for $19 pesos a person ($2). The bus was very clean and air conditioned. It was like a greyhound bus and even had a vcr. If you would like to take a trip to Progresso for shopping this is the best way to go. The bus leaves every couple of hours for service between Rio Bravo and Progresso. Progresso has several shops and most of the shop keepers speak English. Everything is priced in American dollars. It is more touristy than Rio Bravo. The prices for food are much higher in Progresso than in Rio Bravo but everything else was about the same.

Fanny picked us up at 1pm on April 19th and drove us to the airport in Mcallen, Tx. Our flight home left at 4pm. We arrived back in Pittsburgh around 11pm. It was a very easy flight. I went to work at 8:30 am the next morning. I am a secretary and a third grade English teacher so my job isn't very strenuous. Today is Saturday, April 24th, 9 days post op and I feel great. I am taking it easy this weekend so I will be fresh for work on Monday My husband is very surprised at how good my incision looks! It doesn't look like it will leave hardly any scar.

I plan to return to Rio Bravo sometime in the summer with my husband and daughters for a small vacation. The hotel, food, and shopping were much more affordable in Rio Bravo than it would have been in Texas. Also, you can't beat the adventure! Fanny was fabulous. The nurses Jorge, Clara, and Nora where also fabulous! Dr. Levy has the best bedside manner of any doctor I have ever met. Dr. Moreno was like a comforting friend during surgery.

I could not have asked for a better experience. I am very thankful that God guided me to Dr. Perez and his staff. Through God all things are possible. My husband and I are waiting to see if God will bless us with another child or not. We leave all things in God's merciful hands. Good luck to all who are still waiting to go.

Things to buy in Mexico: pure vanilla $2, Mexican blankets $2.99, Hammock $7, Hammock chair $15, leather goods, sterling silver, pottery, hand crafted metal framed mirrors, childrens drums and quitars Places to visit: Reynosa Hildalgo Plaza, Rio Bravo shops, Progresso Where to stay: LaMansion Hotel Where to eat: taco stand across the street from LaMansion (opens only at night), Tommys restuarant about a mile down the road from the hotel on the same side, Hotel resturant, any of the fresh fruit carts on the street How to get around: Nuestro bus station in Rio Bravo or walking

Best wishes,
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left side 7cm
right side 6 cm


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