Selina Flowers


May  2004


Tubal reversal  May 11, 2004





October 2004

I simply wanted to share with you how good God is! As most of you know I had my TR in May. Dr. Levi told me that I had 7cm on both sides. He also explained that since both of my tubes were cut off at the uterus I required reconstruction. The left was fine but the right didn't look too well. In June I had a HSG that showed my left tube was opened and my right was spasming or occluded. I went to my GYN for an U/S where the tech told me that the left (good tube) was fluid filled and that I had polycystic ovaries. I was devastated for a second. Then I remembered all things are possible with God. My GYN read my HSG and then told me to just go by the (HSG) not the tech. I was checked for PCOS and put on Metformin. I got all of my levels back and my LH was elevated along with my Testosterone. God willing my hormones will balance themselves out. I am making changes to my diet and exercising to loose excess pounds.

Yesterday I had a selective fallopian tube recanalization to check the right tube. The radiologist was the same one who performed my HSG. Well Glory to God the right tube is now opened and so is the left. I have two not one patent tubes. I saw the spill from each side. I am sorry this is so long but I want to encourage those who are on this journey. Learn about your bodies do research. Know that the God we serve is such an awesome God to have given the wisdom, knowledge and technology to be available to doctors during our fertile lifetimes.

Stay positive and seek Gods way for you. An always remember that God is the best of planners.


May 2004

My husband and I just returned from Rio Bravo. The experience was wonderful! Dr. Levi is marvelous and so is the rest of the staff. I will post the rest of my testimony soon. Well I am happy to be whole again and excited for the future.

Selina Flowers



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