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March  2004


Tubal reversal  Mar 25, 2004





March 2004

Oh, what a wonderful experience !!! There are some many things to say that I may forgot some of it, but I will try my best to cover it all.

Starting my day (the 25th), I woke up very early to catch my flight, and then my journey begins. I got to McAllen about half an hour early, so everything is looking good. Fannie was there to take me to the hospital, we immediately connected. Got to the hospital around 4:30 I think, but right away, the nurse asked Fannie to take me to room #2, (very clean room, you can't even see finger marks on the walls and smelled so good, too) and right after that she asked me if I was ready, I told her that I was a little nervous, but that my surgery wasn't until 7:00pm and she said we been waiting for you sense 3:00 and she laugh. Very sweet nurse, her name is Clara. I speak fluent Spanish so they didn't have no problem with communication with me. Clara gave me the gown and while I was changing Dr. Levi came into the room, he is a joker, and right away made me feel very comfortable. He asked me a couple of questions about my health including if I was allergic to any medication which I replied, yes, anything thru needles, and he said, "well sorry, can't help you there", lol. Finishing that sentence and there it comes Clara with the IV, I turn my face the other way and didn't feel but just a pinch (thank God). Immediately after the wheel chair and out the room to the O.R. At that moment everything was happening so fast that I didn't even had a chance to get nervous, lol.

In the O.R., Dr. Moreno was ready for me with the epidural. After the epidural when in the only truly thing I remembered was seen the cross on the wall and that I was very hungry and wanted to eat "Posole" (a Mexican dish, kind of like chicken soup but with beef) and that I was very cold. I do remember asking Dr. Moreno if I could see and holding my hand he told me that from the angle that he was he couldn't even see himself, so I left it like that, but what really happened it was that by then I was going into "comatose land", lol.

Next thing I knew, I was back in my room (don't ask me how I got there or when, I have no clue, ha, ha..) I finally got something to eat, the nurse did tell me to take it easy with the eating just in case it upset my stomach, so after a couple of bits and I was still hungry, I asked the nurse to get my bag, plenty of snacks there to munch on the whole night, lol... I took little naps in between of course, lol...

I woke up when Dr. Levi came to see me and told me the great news !!! 8cm both sides, WOW, and a 90% chance to conceive, very exciting. I did mention to Dr. Levi that my legs were still sleepy and then, very funny, he grabbed me by my toes and shuck them, Oh my gosh, what a weird sensation, I asked him why he did that for and he just laugh and left the room. During the night I met Fannie's mom, Nora, another sweet nurse. Morning came in, and guess what, Dr. Levi asked the cook to buy me some "Posole", he spoiled me rotten. It was so delicious. Around 11am, a nurse came in and told me that the IV, the epidural needle and the caterer will be taken in a few, so I could take a shower and go for a walk. That was music to my ears, by then my behind was the one getting numb from being in one position, lol...

First thing I did after the shower was go meet Michelle in room #1 just across mine, I was concerned because the nurses told me she wasn't feeling good, so I went to introduce my self and to see if she needed my help in translating. She said the Dr. told her to go for a walk, so we did. Then I went to see Lisa in room #4, she just got out of surgery at that time so I left her rest. Then I met another Lisa in room #6 from NY, she was ready for her surgery I guess that day, so I don't know how she did, (I hope very good). Well, I just walked around, I went outside, took pictures, (oh, that was when I met Dr. Perez and he said "You most be doing very good if you are up and walking", I told him can't stand staying in bed), after that I did get a little tired so I rested for few hours. Friday when very fast. Next thing I knew it was Saturday, time to go home. Fannie came by 9am, at first Michelle and I talked about going to McAllen together so Fannie didn't have to make 2 trips, but she was still not feeling very well, so I think she left later that day, at the same time Lisa from room #4 did.

So, time to say my goodbyes to everybody and out to shopping, I love shopping in Mexico. Because I live in California, I have a lot of Mexican friends, so I had been many times in Tijuana just shopping and visiting friends that live there. I'm just so sorry I didn't have much room nor the strength to bring a lot of things, but another time. Tired of walking, we left to the airport and there, I gave Fannie a big hug and she told me to keep in touch, I pray to God she does well in your delivering her baby-boy in July.

Well, the flight was good, except for a person sitting next to me, a little clumsy, spill his soda all over my pants. Everything was OK until I got to my final destination, "no power at the airport", lol..., so with no bridge to get out the plane, old fashion style I have to get out thru the back of the plane, oh, did I mentioned that it was very rare that I got a sit right after the first class, you know, very close to the exit, "yea right", the exit at this time was thru the back, very far from where I was, but oh well, I managed to have a lot of patience because I was finally home and (whole again) my dr was waiting for me. When I saw him I was so excited I started crying and he though their was something wrong, but after a couple of minutes that I started telling him about my journey, he was very excited, too. then I started telling him everything and I just couldn't shut up, lol...(I think I drove him crazy on our drive home, ha ha...)

Nonetheless, I'm soooo glad I chose to go to Mexico for my TR. The people there and the treatment you recieve it's so outstanding, you know it's from their heart and souls. I'm truly bless by God for guiding me to Dr. Perez, Dr. Levi and that fabulous staff at the hospital.

This group is fantastic and all you ladies are, too for helping with your prayers . God bless you all. Now we are looking forward to a new beginning. God's will everything will be Ok and I will heal fast. I don't have any pain, (I didn't have much pain from day one, so that is great), the swelling is down and everything looks like it will be Ok, praise our Lord for his miracles....

Well ladies, I hope I didn't make you fall a sleep with this looong testimony, lol, (I know I'm missing some details), but I just wanted everybody to know and feel the joy we feel inside for this tremendous opportunity that God have gave us. I will keep praying for all those that are schedule to go, for those that already went, and also for those undecided.

May God continue His blessings to all of us,

Eileen & Jim


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