Christina & Jon Franks


July  2004


Tubal reversal 

July 16, 2004


Pregnancy #2

It's a Girl!  8/22/05






Kourtney Franks

Born Aug 22, 2005



January 2005

I'm just updating you on my story.  We are pregnant again!  EDD Sept 9, 2005.  God has blessed us a second time since my reversal in July.

I will be praying that everything goes well this time. So far the Doctor says my levels look good for a normal pregnancy.

Thanks Again,

Christina and Jon Franks

July 2004

My name is Christina Franks, my husband and I went to Mexico on July 16, 2004 for my reversal. Everything was great Dr. Levi was wonderful. I didn't really speak to Dr. Perez but he did a great job. I was left with 5cm on both sides.

Everything that has been said by the other testimonials is true. I can not thank them enough.  We did get pregnant in October of this year 3 months later but i M/C on November 16th. 

I had an HSG on Nov. 23 and both tubes were open.  So I'll keep you updated on my next pregnancy.

Thanks Again,

Christina and Jon Franks


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