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Surgery Date 6-2-2004
Ligation 7-31-1996
Tube lengths L 7 R 7
Pregnancy 1 mc
Pregnancy 2 It's a Boy!
Pregnancy 3

edd 05/2010




We are happy to announce that we are expecting our 2nd reversal baby in May 2010. This is exciting for us because our last reversal baby we had to resort to fertility treatments to have our first reversal baby Tony in May 2006. This treatments and not meds we needed and we are both doing great and happy to welcome our new blessing! My husband and I  currently have four boys and we will not be finding out the sex of the baby until D-day...Thanks again Dr. Levi for all your help so we may cont. to receive these awesome children into our lives!!! God Bless you and may you cont. to change lives and help bring new life into this world!!!

GOD Be With you all!
Kevin and Nancy Glastetter


Tony Glastetter

born May 18, 2006,  6 pounds 12 oz., 20.5 inches long!    Kevin and I are proud parents once again. We finally got to welcome Tony into the world!! When we got a tl in July of '96... we knew it was a big mistake. But due to the Grace of God and the work of Dr. Perez and Dr. Levi did a wonderful job!!!! I hope they continue to serve in this area, they are truly gifted doctors. I am so THANKFUL God lead us to them.  THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO MADE IT POSSIBLE BUT MOST OF ALL WE THANK THE CREATOR OF ALL THINGS!!!!!!!   As far as more children (this is our 4th boy), we are believing God will take control of that area in our lives.  Good Luck to EVERYONE who is seeking to have a tr done! 

We tried for almost 2 years, sought professional help and I would never regret or take back one minute or one thing...because God Blessed us once again, and we ARE TRULY THANKFUL FOR EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING!!!!

Nov 2005

Just wanted to update the group on our progress. Kevin and I had our surgery in June 2004, through the process we suffered a m/c, after a year of ttc our child, we finally had an HSG done and took two rounds of Clomid. now, we are happy report we are now almost 17 weeks pregnant!!! Due May 11th, almost two years after our reversal in Mexico. We are so Thankful that Doctor Perez and Doctor Levi gave us this opportunity to have another child....~It was all about HIS will and timing!~
~Love in Christ,
~Nancy and Kevin Glastetter

April 2005

I finally got my positive pregnancy test on March 25th, 2004 (Good Friday). I had my tr on June 2nd, 2004.  I am going in for a beta next week and will update then. 

Good Luck to everyone! This will be our 4th child.
~Nancy & Kevin Glastetter

June 2004

My journey started June 1st, 2004. I woke up around 4 a.m. and my brother took me to the airport. My brother lives minutes away from the airport, so I stayed the night at his home. I got to the airport in plenty of time and was even able to meet up with my TR friend Meredith Roe, who was having surgery also. I met her at her gate, I was overjoyed and blessed that we were able to go to Rio Bravo together! We had different flights into Houston so our meeting was brief, then I caught my flight to Houston were I met up with Meredith again, then we took the same flight into Mc Allen. Fanny was there to meet us then we went to pick up another couple at the other airport in Mc Allen. Then off it Mexico it was!

We got to the hospital around 4 p.m. and meet Dr. Levi, which said that the hospital was full right now, so we stayed at a hotel right down the block from the hospital, the hotel was really nice and the had some "good" food! Early the next morning Dr. Levi came to get us and said we were both going to get our reversal done now. I was shocked but also delighted to be able to get it done so soon. They took us into a pre/post op room. My friend was wheeled away immediately for surgery, while I was was been prepped. They put a IV in my and prepared me. I remember the anxiety I felt as I was being wheeled to the O.R. However, that did not last too long because once I was on the O.R. table I remember them putting "sleepy juice" in my IV. Lights out for me:) I woke up as they were just finishing up on my surgery. I remember thanking Dr. Perez, Dr. Levi, the anesthesiologist (forgot his name but I thank God for him) and Maria (one of the head nurses that helped). I believe I started to thank them in Spanish, but I am not sure. I took every hand and shook it as I was thanking them, because they have did so much! I was so delighted!

I got back to my room and rested for a bit. I woke up and was in no pain at all. Later that evening they brought supper and around 11 p.m. or so, Maria (what a nice girl) she made me a couple of ham and cheese sandwiches and brought me some juice and fruit. I can not say enough nice things about Dr. Levi, Dr. Perez and his staff. Even though I do not know much Spanish (a couple words here and there) they were very nice and tried to do there best to help me. After the surgery I refused to take any pain medicine, for me personally, I was doing great! Dr. Levi came in and gave me discharge instructions because he had to go out of town for a family emergency so he would not be there when I left the next day. He was really pleased with how my surgery went and gave me great results.

Fanny came at 8 a.m. and we went back to Mc Allen to rest before our flight on Friday morning. We went to the Holiday in Express, which is right next door to the mall and a gas station. We went and got dinner and rested the rest of the trip. Woke up on Friday and headed home. After my two flights I had to take the bus to a local station where my husband and children picked me up. We ended up going shopping and running errands. Then when I got home about 5 p.m. I went right to bed, I was worn out! Overall, everything went better then expected.

My over all view on the surgery is I was a little optimistic, at first, which I believe is normal. But since things went so well, I would do it again in a heartbeat! I am back to were God intended me to be. The Lord was there with me during the whole trip. My husband said he was so thankful that everything went well with me. I can see in his eyes he is truly happy! He has been such a blessing in my life! Our children are our whole life and hopefully, we will be blessed with more children, some day.

God Bless all!
Love in Christ~
Nancy and Kevin Glastetter


Tony Glastetter


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