James and Tina Griggs


July  2004


Tubal ligation  Feb 1, 1999

 Tubal reversal  July 3, 2004





July 2004

Hello all, Day 5 after my surgery.  I am walking almost completely upright. Dr Perez is amazing! Had to reconstruct my left tube. After all was said and done I am left with 4cm on left side and 5cm on my right. Apparently my tubal Dr. was vicious, for lack of a better word, he clamped both ends then burned them. My husband has been wonderful. He will not even let me get out of bed with out his help.  Hello Cassandra made any PHONE calls lately? lol.  She called Dr. Levi during my surgery. lol. 

Hope your doing well. I had a very wonderful experience. I have been telling everyone at least in Mexico the nurses only came in when you need them. I will tell more at another time.

Left in the hands of God,
James and Tina Griggs

tl 2-1-99
tr 7-3-04


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