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March  2004


Tubal reversal  Mar 5, 2004





March 2004

My husband and I arrived in McAllen around 7:00 pm on Wednesday night, March 3, 2004. We checked into our motel room at Fairwinds Executive Inn. My surgery wasn't scheduled til Friday, March 5, but when we got up Thursday morning I called Dr. Levi and asked him if he thought there might be a way of them getting me in that evening sometime and he told me that if I had not eat anything since the night before, then come on to the hospital that morning and they would do the surgery that morning. I was so excited. I couldn't hardly wait to get there but I was also nervous the whole way there.

We got to the hospital and they showed us to my room. I was put in room #1. The rooms are very small but very nice and clean. We were very impressed. A nurse came in and asked us questions to fill out our paperwork, got our signatures and within a few minutes they were in there putting in my IV. It wasn't long after that they come in and put my surgery cap and booties on and got me into the wheelchair. They left me sitting in front of the nursery window for a few minutes cause they were having to clean up the operating room from just performing a C-section. While sitting in front of the window, I got to see the new baby that had just been born. That got me even more excited because I knew that in a few months I may end up with one of those.

Within a few minutes they took me on to the operating room and got me onto the table. They had me turn on my side into the fetal position so they could do my epi. They put some medicine in my IV and from that point on, I didn't remember my epi, my catheter being put in or nothing. A little while after that I woke up and I was already during the middle of surgery. I was in and out of it the whole time. My husband taped the surgery. I'm really glad he taped it for me to watch. At first it felt kind of awkward watching it and knowing that was me laying there cut open like that but it gives me something to look back on.

If I had it to do again, I would go back to Mexico for a tubal reversal all over again. I had a wonderful experience there. After we got out of surgery Dr. Levi was explaining to me that they did find a lump of tissue that they took off of my uterus that they think could be endometriosis and said I needed to bring it back here and get it checked out by my doctor to have it tested and be sure. And he wanted me to come back in May for and HSG test to check my tubes. Well we got back and I called to find out how much it would cost to have the tissue checked and there was no way we could afford it and so we decided that we would just go ahead and take our chances of trying to conceive anyway and if it is meant to be then it will happen. If we try for several months and nothing happens then we said we may go then and try to have an HSG performed. But we're just going to leave it up to God for now.

Charlotte Gronke


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