Arlene Gustave


New York

July  2004


Tubal reversal  July 16, 2004





July 2004

My husband and I flew to Mexico from New York City. It sure is a long way, but all the good things you've heard of Dr. Perez and his staff is true, and the trip was worth it.

I did not meet Dr. Perez, I was knocked out during the entire procedure. But my husband who is not easily impressed with anyone, was somehow blown away by Dr. Perez. He told me EVERYTHING that happened and gave praises to all who participated in the surgery. From Dr. Perez to Dr. Levi to Dr. Moreno to the Nurses, Orderlies and Assistants. The only person who basically spoke English was Dr. Levi, but somehow everything worked out well and we somehow understood each other. The staff is VERY EFFICIENT, quick and knowledgeable. I thought they were great.

My prognosis was OK, considering the doctor who gave me the TL in the first place really butchered me. I only have one tube which they have fixed and as Dr. Levi says, I only need one for a baby. I have to take some medicine for all the scar tissue that the Butcher doctor left, but after that Dr. Levi says we can start at our family. And I can't wait.

Thank you Dr. Perez, Dr. Levi, Dr. Moreno, Nurses, Orderly and assistants. May God continue to bless you as you richly bless the lives of us women whom you have put back together. I will keep you updated

Arlene Gustave



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