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July  2004


Tubal reversal  July 29, 2004

Pregnancy #1 edd





October 2004

I went yesterday to do a HSG and they did a blood test and I am pregnant. Hcg level showed that I am 2 1/2 days pregnant.  I should never have ovulated when I did!  My doctor states that medicine can not explain God's ways. I am going back Thurs to make sure that my HCG levels are doubling.

Miracles happen all around us.......


July 2004

On July 29th, my husband and I went to Rio Bravo to start our journey of restoration. I had been searching for about 6 months and found Dr Perez. While I was unsure about going to a Dr on the Internet. I know now that God just worked all that out. I could not have imagined a great vacation when having my surgery. My tubes have been tied after our second child on Jan 1,1996 at the age of 24. And about 1 1/2 yr ago, I knew the LORD was changing my heart to more submissive and to focus on my family. But my husband was not there yet then about six months ago, he told me to go have the surgery cause we are getting older. And since our children are 18 months apart, he wants 2 more children. Only GOD could have changed my husband's heart. I scheduled the surgery with a peace in my heart but my brain was still worrying.

We went to expedia and got 2 tickets $250 each. Fanny picked us up from airport and went straight to the hospital. I had not eaten that day so I could have the surgery that day. I met w/ Dr Levi and his bedside manner is Fantastic and the clinic is better than the military hospital where our children were born! I have problems will IV's and finding a vein but the nurse had no problem. I went to surgery and he put me to sleep before epidural or catheter. I woke up and he told me 3 cm on left & 6 cm on right side and 70% of having more babies. I was in a little pain that night, next day they took out IV, epidural & catheter and I started walking and it just felt like someone had kick me in my stomach (not as painfully as having my tubes tied).

We took movies to watch and the food was great at the hospital. Next day Fanny took us shopping. That was great and she took us to the taco stand... Then Sunday Fanny came back to take us to the airport.

I am back to normal just a little sore but feeling great; if we decide to have HSG may go back to Rio Bravo. It seemed more like a vacation than having surgery and we were excited to have such wonderful Dr's. Also Dr Perez checked on me the day after my surgery. I loved our entire adventure and am excited to see how God will work next.

Surgery was $2280 and did not need to stay in a hotel. Paid Fanny $110 for shopping in Progresso and taking us to hospital/airport.

No problems with my incision and I felt great a couple of days upon coming home. I have 3 cm on left & 6 cm on rt.

I am deeply grateful to God for sending Dr Levi and Dr Perez and their humble spirits to just help anyone that seeks their expertise. I would go back again in anytime.

Sabrina & Tim Hanson



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