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Reversal 12/11/04
Ligation 1998
Lengths L4 R5
Preg  1 It's a boy!
Preg  2 It's a boy!
Preg  3 It's a boy!
Preg 4 edd





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born Dec 2009

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Welcome Zachary

our sweet baby boy was born on November 2005, at 2:12 am, weighed 11 lbs 3 oz. and measured 22 inches in length.  He is such a joy to the family- a sweet, calm baby.  We had him at home and everything went beautifully with the birth.  Eric caught the baby and the children watched him being born. We'll never forget it! We can hardly believe he's here...it all seems like a dream. God bless Dr. Perez and Dr. Levi and their staff again and again for their hard work and dedication to families and restoring fertility. We are forever grateful for their service.

Aug 2005

My my first reversal pregnancy has been a wonderful one. I have been really enjoying it. I wanted to share with you all that we found out (on June 16th) that we are having a little baby boy!! All of us got to watch the ultrasound and the technician announced to all of us that we were having a boy!! It was such a sweet, joyful moment- especially to see our children's reaction and my husband's. It brought tears to my eyes. We even saw him yawn on the ultra sound- so cool!! It's hard to believe that our son, Jonathan , is going to have a brother! (Jonathan is 7 years old- our youngest)  And our two daughters (ages 10 and 8)are excited to have another brother to love. They all have been taking turns feeling him kick and move. He is really kicking (since around the middle of May). You can really see my tummy move now when he kicks and moves.

His name will be Zachary Antonio Christopher Hudson.  We picked out this name when we first knew we were expecting.  Here's the thought put behind this name:

Zachary means "Jehovah hath remembered"-which has real significance to us. We very strongly feel that God remembers all our prayers and has remembered our prayers and grief after my tubal ligation and has now blessed us with a most gracious gift, this little baby boy.

Antonio means "priceless"- it is Spanish/Italian and a memorial to our trip to Mexico to have my fallopian tubes put back together and let our fertility be put back in the Lord's hands let him control the size of our family and the timing of the pregnancies from now on. (My husband Eric is also Italian.) The surgery was priceless and the doctors and staff in Mexico are priceless and God's blessings and goodness and love are priceless. Children are priceless.

Christopher is my husband's middle name and it seemed to really fit because Zachary's initials will be ZACH- Zachary Antonio Christopher Hudson.

We are still having a hard time believing that this is really happening! Such happy times for us!  I am around 30 weeks along now and am really excited to hold our new little one. We all can't wait to see him!! It won't be long...

Reversal: 12-11-04
Ligation: 8-98
tube lengths:4 in. on left, 5 in on right

We are so happy to share that we are expecting our first reversal baby-edd is October 31, 2005.  This is our fourth pregnancy and child. We are so thankful to God for this blessing and the second chance that He gave us to make things right again.  And we are so grateful to the doctors and staff in Rio Bravo for their love, care, support, and skill.  They are the best!  They will never know how much they have done for us and others.   We pray and ask God to bless them abundantly for what they have done for many souls and families, God bless them in every way as they continue to do His work.

My husband and I went to Mexico for my tr in December 2004 and it was so smooth.  I had previously been cut and burned back in 1998 ( I was 23) right after the birth of our  son (third child) and Dr. Perez left me a 70-80% chance of success. I had 4 cysts removed from my tubes as well. I was left with 4in. on one side and 5 on the other.  I really took my recovery time seriously and rested and recuperated well. Taking vitamins, etc really helped. It wasn't easy though the first few weeks. I slept in my recliner for 2 weeks. I wasn't able to lay flat or on my side. But I slept like a baby in the chair!

My OB was very excited for us and everything and wanted an hsg done right away about 3 weeks post surgery. I was a little anxious but just trusted him (as he performs reversals as well) and the hsg was a piece of cake.  I actually enjoyed watching the dye flowing thru my tubes. The dr. who performed it said "They're clear as a bell! Looks like they're ready for a little egg, now!" I was so happy and excited to tell my husband- who was elated.

We found out on February 22, 2005 that I was pregnant and the joy was unspeakable. I was really surprised- so soon...that was everyone's response really. Right before my 30th birthday too! 

I am so behind at sharing all of this news --it really has been like a whirlwind- whew!! Everyone around me has been so enthusiastic and supportive for us having had this done and all are thrilled at the new life inside of me as well. We have really sweet friends and family who really love us. I am so grateful and thankful. God has been so good to us.

We are so thankful and our children (2 daughters and a son) are so excited and happy to have a new brother or sister to love. We are just thankful to get a second chance and make things right again. I've been meaning to share all of this news for others to maybe have hope and encourage them.

In Jesus we have new life abundantly~

Dana and Eric Hudson