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August  2004


Tubal ligation 

Oct 01,1999 rings

Tubal reversal 

Aug 14, 2004



Pregnancy #1

It's a Girl! 6/18/05

Pregnancy #2

It's a Girl! 7/06/07

Pregnancy #3 edd

Feb 2009



7cm both sides






Simone V. Jefferson

In December of 2006 I discovered I was expecting reversal baby #2.  She was born July 6,2007 at 4am. She was 6 pounds and 3 ounces.


Ri'Conna Delores Jefferson

On Saturday June 18, 2005 1:16 am In gave birth to my little miracle. She weighed 5 pounds and 15 ounces 20 inches long. It was a stressful delivery I had Gestational diabetes and was induced at 38 weeks then during the delivery developed preeclampsia, but finally seeing her was worth every minute.

Once again I thank Dr. Perez for making my dream of having another child a reality!!!!!!

July 2008

Well Hello, it has been a long time since I have updated. I was remembering how not too long ago my heart was heavy with regret of having a tubal ligation along with the fear of not being able to have another child.  Well I come with 2 additional testimonies of the blessings that God and Dr. Perez have given me.

In December of 2006 I discovered I was expecting reversal baby #2.  This past Sunday we celebrated her 1st birthday. Just days ago I took a pregnancy test to discover reversal baby #3 will be arriving February of 2009. At first I must confess I was shocked,upset mortified, thinking what are we going to do with ANOTHER baby. Thinking back to how I felt not sooo long ago, how desperately I wanted to have and hold a baby, sometimes its easy to forget how blessed we truly are, how loving and wonderful God is. I love my children and feel fortunate to be carrying my 6th child. My miracle, my blessing, thank you Dr. Perez.

October 2004

Well, on Monday the 18th my hubby purchased a first response test. He had been feeling nauseous for about a week so he thought it was a sign to test. I took it and got a negative. I was having some mild cramps all week so I just knew I going to start. My hubby said we have one left it can't hurt to take it. So it took the test and started the timer when it went off I looked and it was a faint positive I could not believe it. I went out and purchased another brand this time I got a big fat positive. Since Thursday I have taken like 6 test and it still has not sunk in. I'm due July 1, 2005. Anyone who still is not sure that Dr. Perez is the one to perform your tr believe me when I say he is a miracle worker. It has only been 2 and a half months and here I am pregnant. I feel so blessed and fortunate to have been able to go to Rio Bravo for my surgery.

Luvresia Jefferson

August 2004

I will try to keep this short and to give you an opportunity to enjoy the other wonderful stories that have been shared (having read many of them personally)..

I had my TL in August of 1999 after having my 3rd child I was 25 at the time and very overwhelmed. I had a 5 year old, a 1 year old and now a newborn (yes I know) so I surely felt the LORD had blessed me a little too much. Just a few years after the fact I wanted a baby, investigated the reversal operation but was very expensive so felt I would never have another child. We moved to Arizona in August of 2003 and I got online to find about shopping and stuff of that nature when I found the reversal groups and that is how I found out about Dr. Perez. Well, here is my story.........

My husband and I flew to Austin Texas (that was as close as we could get we got a wonderful price just $278 round trip per person on America west) At the airport we rented a car and started our journey to Harlingen where we would spend the night and meet up with our ride Fanny. The drive took most of the day we got some dinner and went off to bed, my husband did anyway I was awake, tossing turning, nervous about what would happen the following day in surgery. 6 am came early and we headed out to McAllen. Fanny was very nice even stopped so that we could get a camera. The hospital was very small but utterly clean - when everyone says that it was clean they were not lying! It just had a fresh and clean smell. Fanny translated some of the information on the release forms that me and my DH had to sign prior to surgery.

DR Levi came in asked a few medical questions, I got into my gown and the nurse came in to start my iv. She was so good - nurses always have a hard time finding my veins, I'm a blind stick, she found it with just one prick I was totally impressed. I got into a wheel chair and we were off to the OR. Dr. Levi took my hubby off to get into scrubs and to get washed up I was going to get my epidural. I was given something in my iv because I never felt anything. I would fall asleep then wake up and ask questions (I think I was driving my husband crazy he kept saying honey go to sleep). I remember hearing him say what is that balloon thing so my eyes opened and I said what balloon thing?!!! Dr. Levi informed me it was a cyst that popped up when he was looking at my tubes. I truly don't remember much pain just soreness mostly. Post op Dr. Levi told me I had a cyst that had been on my tubes for about 6 years that whoever performed my tl should have seen it, also it had four smaller ones growing on it - of course he removed everything told me I would feel much better with all of that out. I was left with 7cm on both sides. I never got to meet DR. Perez but he truly is a master in his trade.

I went to my family doctor to remove the stitches and they just raved on his technique he used and said that I would have minimal scarring and everything look good. I feel truly blessed to have gone to Rio Bravo and if it was possible I would return to have Dr. Perez deliver my child. Even though there was a language barrier you understood each other I never had any problems getting a point across or vice versa for that matter everyone was wonderful. We took some pictures and headed back home.

I thank GOD for the many blessings he has given and will give me, I will always be humble to his mercy and power. I will pray for us all to heal inside and out getting this done is truly a blessing.

GOD speed to you all.

Luvresia Jefferson

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