Jeanna & Peter Kernazitskas


February 2004


Tubal reversal 

Feb 14, 2004


Pregnancy #1 m/c

Pregnancy #2 m/c

Pregnancy #3 m/c

Pregnancy #4

It's a boy!  1/09/09








Keegan Benjamin George Kernazitskas

Our Miracle Finally arrived January 9, 2009 at 2:9pm 7lbs 5 oz 20 ĺ in Long.


August 2008

ITíS A BOY. This one is working, Anatomy scan shows he is healthy and everything is going well.

April 2008

Well we are pregnant again, Found out on March 15. Was due Nov 24.  Turned out to be a Tubal pregnancy. And through more testing, I have a low progesterone level. Which was determined to be the cause of my other 2 miscarriages, So the count is 2 Tubal pregnancies and 2 miscarriages.

January 2008

2007 was and wasn't a good year for us,.  Got pregnant in January ended in a tubal in the blocked tube that I have. and got pregnant again in April that ended in miscarriage at 11 weeks.

August 2005

I wanted to update everyone on what is happening in our lives. We have been trying to conceive since my reversal.  I had my HSG at 3 months and I have one tube blocked still.  But Thankfully it is the short one, so I have 5-6 cm tube open. Along with my Endo, my OB suggest I see a RE. I  went a couple times and it just didn't seem right.  My DH and I said we will try and keep trying and someday it will work.

When I got home from the hospital I went to see my normal OB. She had commented that Dr. Perez had done some of the best work she has ever seen. I have barely any scarring and am just happy that everything great.

I have recommended Dr. Perez to a number of people I have met and wanted to know my story.  But always suggesting an interpreter.  I think If I was smart and done that then I wouldn't have had any issues.

I will keep everyone updated on our pregnancy journey.  And best of wishes to all.

February 2004

First of all let me start by saying...Dr. Levi, Dr. Perez and Dr. Moreno are #1 the best all around doctors I could have wished for.

The hospital well that is another story. My plane got delayed right off the bat in LA I was hoping that wasn't a sign lol. I made it to Mexico a few min late but got there safely. Joe took me in and introduced me to Dr. Levi then brought me to room 6. And then he left.* I got settled down and relaxed a bit before Dr. Levi came in. We chatted for a few min. I told him to tell the nurse where to insert my IV cause I have troubles at times with them. All went wonderful. The nurse came in got me ready and wheeled me into the OR room. I looked for the cross and it was there like everyone said it would be. That gave me peace and didn't hurt that Dr. Moreno and Dr. Levi were there to help. Dr. Moreno put me in fetal position as Dr. Levi looked at me with a needle and said "See you tomorrow" as he was inserting the stuff into my IV; last I remembered till I woke up and heard them talking about my tubes.

Turns out that I was butchered bad. I had been cut in 3 places and my tubes burnt to boot. But I turned out with 5-6 cm on my right side and 3-4 on my left not to bad. And Dr. Levi said that he found very little endo excellent. I was extremely cold nearing the end of my surgery and Dr. Moreno said that he would make sure I got warmed up. Wish that was true. Here is where the nightmare started. Shortly after I was wheeled into my room and put into my bed the power went out. I was freezing. And to add to that the IV in my hand was leaking saline solution. Problem here.... no nurses. Not one came to check on me in about 5 hours I had to sit there and yell for a nurse. They put the call button out of reach and of course you cant move. You yell for them and they come in and shush you asking you not to yell. I asked for an extra blanket no less then nine times. The nurses were walking around with winter parkas on and kind of ignored you when your teeth were chattering and you were cold. I asked the nurse to hand me my sweater I had so I could put it on. when I pointed for her to take the IV bag off the pole so I could slip it through the arm in my sweater the nurse shook her head no and took my sweater and set it on my suitcase and wrapped my blanket around me. I was not very happy. As for pain it was excruciating. They came in around 6 am and took out the IV, epidural and the catheter. He put more pain meds in my epi before he took it out. I actually got some sleep then. I woke up about noon and went to step out of bed to go to the bathroom. It was horrible! I was in so much pain I couldn't stand straight. I crawled back into my bed and cried. I got hold of the call button and asked the nurse for pain meds. She asked me if I was in mucho pain. Umm I am bawling my eyes out and cant move. Yeah mucho pain. And I asked her to fix my tv that went on the fritz in the night. It blew out with the power and for some TP. Well all I got was the TP. I sat there and continued to cry. I screamed for the Nurse to get Dr. Levi. No such luck. They closed the door and walked out again. The hospital Administrator came in and asked what I needed I said Pain meds and Dr. Levi now. Again she closed the door and left. Hour later a lunch nurse came in and I screamed at her to get DR. LEVI NOW! . She got him. And Dr. Perez. They talked about me for few min and then gave me a shot of valium.

Dr. Levi told me where the 2 other ladies were in the group and told me I had to go walk. So I went to visit as soon as the meds kicked in. I talked with them for a while, and that evening I went to sit and watch a movie with one of them. In my opinion, the nurses down there don't want anything to do with us who don't speak Spanish. They want you to stay in your room with the door closed and not have to bother them. Would I go again by myself NO. Would I recommend anyone who don't speak Spanish to go Alone ....NO.
They don't want to treat you nor take the time to even help you. Sure they ask what is wrong with you, not that they care. This was the worst experience I have ever had in a hospital. I wouldn't wish my trip on my worst enemy.

Jeanna Kernazitskas

*The shuttle service I had was in truth awful. They (Joe & Aimee were nice people, but I was picked up in a ratty old car, I would call it a Honda prelude sort of car. The seatbelt in the back seat where I sat was broken so I couldn't even use it. And it wasn't the cleanest of cars. When we got to the hospital he took me to my room that was great service. At the hospital Dr. Levi asked me how much I had paid for the taxi I told him 140. He asked if I had paid for both trips yes. I had. He told me that Joe overcharged me and that a week ago they had made the deal that they were to only charge us 100/round trip. I asked Him to speak to Joe about getting my 40/ back that I over paid. The following morning I was to catch my plane. My plane was due to leave at 6:30 I was told to be there 90 min prior. Aimee said she would be there at 5 am to pick me up. They arrived at 5:30. I asked them about the refund and was told that Joe told Dr. Levi that since they hadn't posted it on the message board yet he was still charging the 69/ one way fee. I didn't argue I was too worried about catching my plane and didn't want to cause controversy. I got to the airport at 6:10 and was rushed through security and on to the plane. They were holding the plane for me. 5 more minutes I would have missed my plane. In my own opinion I think this was very unprofessional for a business.

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