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July  2004


Tubal ligation  Oct 4, 1993

 Tubal reversal  July 10, 2004





October 2004 - Good news!

My husband and I have now relocated to a new area, so I made an appointment with a new OB/GYN doctor. When he was reading my operative report from Dr. Perez, he stated that he was really impressed with the type of suture that Dr. Perez used.  He also said that the size of sutures that Dr. Perez used showed that he was a Dr with skill and good knowledge. That he really knows what he is doing to use such micro-sutures and he must care about his patients to use this type!!!

So he scheduled my HSG and some blood work. I went today and had my HSG today and the Radiologist said that my tubes were both open, patent and he saw the spill of contrast into my uterus. I wanted to jump up off that table and start to do the happy dance and yell at the top of my lungs. I kept saying awesome, awesome and praise the lord. I said that so many times that the Techs starts to say it also.

I wanted to say congratulations to all the ladies that are expecting and may god bless you all with healthy pregnancies. With Gods will and grace I will also be expecting soon. Many Blessings to you all and my prayers are with you!

Gretta wife to Michael Mother to Tiffany - 18 Jimmy - 13 Patrick - 11
TL - 10/4/93
TR - 7/10/04

December 2004

Update on my Story...

I went to the hospital the night before my surgery. I brought my op report and also I had a HSG prior to my TR surgery. Dr Levi met with me and looked at all reports & x-ray films. He said that everything on the report looks ok. But he would not be able to see exactly the condition of my tubes until the surgery. So I was assigned to Room #1 and he had just did a TR that night and choose to do mine the next morning. At 6:00 am the next day 2 RN's came in (Fanny's mother & another nurse ) to put my IV in and shaved me and prepared me for the surgery. They told me that Dr. Levi was on his way and they would be back to get me. This was the longest wait and I was so scared. Holding onto my husband's hand and just saying prayers to myself.

Finally, I was taken down to the OR room in a wheel chair and then we arrived to OR. Dr Levi was getting dressed in surgical scrubs and he said Dr. Perez will be here shortly. Lets get you and your husband ready. They put me on a OR table, the nurse put a blood pressure cup on my arm and I really starting to get nervous, my husband was not in the room yet (he was putting on scrubs). I can see Dr. Moreno get his stuff ready, At one point I told Dr. Levi that I had changed my mind because I was so scared. He looked me in my eyes and said now Gretta you need to calm down, and his eyes are so trusting and said something very calming to me about my journey this far, I told him OK, he nodded at Dr. Moreno and that is all I remember....the sleepy juices were put in my IV and I was out.....

I woke up during my surgery and saw Dr. Moreno, he is a very kind man, he kept asking me if I was OK.... I told him that I was thirsty and he let my husband give me a little bit of water on my lips to wet them. I looked up/down and saw Dr. Levi and Dr. Perez working on me and I asked how much longer and he said we are on the left side now. My husband tells me that at this point I drifted off again and begin to tell them in Spanish to hurry up ( I don't speak Spanish, only broken words). My husband said Dr. Levi, Dr. Moreno & Dr. Perez were laughing at me so much... that Dr. Levi said OK lets put her back under. I honestly don't remember any of it.

I can honestly say it was wonderful.... I received the best care that I had ever received.

Many Blessings


July 2004

I had my TR on Saturday morning..... The two other ladies that were scheduled were unable to go... So lucky for me I had Dr. Levi to myself. I can honestly say they are wonderful there. I am here to report that Dr. Perez was like a ghost like everyone said... My husband did see him in the OR, but I never did... My tubes did not have to be reconstructed, however my right tube was left with 4cm since I had had a Ectopic Pregnancy in that tube 19 years ago when I was only 18. My left tube had a little more than 4 cm. My left tube had a lot of scar tissue around it and it had grown over in a crimped status and that part of the tube could not be used.

The nurses are great and so are the doctors. Anyone that is questioning whether or not to go to Dr. Levi & Dr. Perez... Please pray about and our Lord Jesus Christ will give you the right direction and answer. That is how I found Dr. Perez, Dr. Levi and Rio Bravo Reversal Group.... All of them have been a blessing.

In Christ Name

Gretta & Michael Kinsella

TL - 10/4/1993

TR - 07/10/2004 R - 4cm L - 4.5 cm


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