Kelly & Paul Korbelak


May  2004


Tubal ligation 

Feb 22, 1998

Tubal reversal 

May 8, 2004


Pregnancy #1 edd



4 cm right

5 cm left





March 2007

We're Pregnant!!

Just wanted to let you know we are 4 weeks pregnant, and ecstatic! I'd lost hope after trying for such a long time, and had actually stopped "trying"....then WALLAH!!  WOW I AM SO EXCITED!!

Thanks so much Dr. Perez!! You're AWESOME!!! XOXOXO

Love & Prayers,
Kelly & Paul Korbelak

May 2004

Hi everyone! Just wanted to share my story with everyone, Mexico was nice, well what I got to see of it anyway. I arrived late Friday night at McAllen airport, Fanny picked me up, she is a sweetie. We drove straight to the hospital, she helped me fill out the paperwork, very brief and easy. I went to bed, woke up, and went in for surgery after a little blood work. I remember being asked to get into a fetal position for the epidural and then I got a shot of something in my IV, then I was out until I woke up as I was being put back into the bed in my room. I was in room number 1.

The nurses are very nice and Dr. Levi is awesome!! I don't remember meeting Dr. Perez, but I am happy with my results. I have 4 cm on the right and 5 on the left. I did have 2 cysts and had some scar tissue but that's all gone now, so now I guess I just need to heal and then we'll be on our way. I would love to go back and visit and even help out in the hospital. The food was great, I was and am still very pleased. I met Tiffany there (GOOD LUCK Tiff and Jason). Hope you are feeling well Tiffany. Will keep you all updated and hope to have good news soon.

PS My plane ticket was just $227.40 roundtrip with American Airlines, and the surgery was only $2045 !! Can't beat that with a stick!! COOL!! :o)

Best Wishes,

Kelly & Paul Korbelak

TR May 8th 2004

New God's time


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