Mary and John Lehto



November 2004


Tubal reversal 

Nov19, 2004


Pregnancy #1 edd



6cm both sides





July 2008

I haven't written in a long time, was heart broken, but prayed regularly.  I am 42, l have 3 children son 25, daughter 24, son 18.  Had reversal many years back with no pregnancies until now, I am six weeks pregnant!    Thank you Dr. Perez!!!

February 2005

For anyone else who wants the man's view: 

The trip home was a little longer than one would want to take with  their wife fresh out of surgery. If you are driving and have the time and resources get a room for a night or two on the way home. The hospital is staffed with very talented people, I have never seen such skill before in a hospital setting. The staff in Rio Bravo rely on skill instead of technology and I would put my life in their hands any day over a machine that beeps when it is not functioning properly or hopefully beeps. Our staff here in America are under-staffed and work long hours and tend to be irratable at best. That is a service we pay for and I am grateful that we have another option.

Dr. Levi and Dr. Perez are extremely gifted doctors. The surgery was done 11/19/04 and I am insisting that the HSG testing be done down there as well. We are planning the trip for the end of this month, providing I can escape for work to go with her. This trip will be less stressful this time because we are going back to a familar and comfortable place.

John Lehto

November 2004

Thanks for your prayers, the surgery and trip went well. All who may have doubts, like we did, rest assured those people in Rio Bravo are miracle workers.

 The surgery was a great success (Nov 19th) , 6cm of tubes on both sides with no scarring to the ends. Dr. Perez and Dr. Levi were confident in me being able to have a baby. The clinic in Mexico was very comfortable unlike most hospitals here in the states. My DH and I knew no Spanish and had no trouble with the communication barrier, body language goes along way.  The nurses even kept apologizing for the little English they spoke.  The room they do the surgery is just as everyone describes. Dr. Moreno is wonderful as well.

My husband stayed through the whole procedure and was really impressed, and it takes a lot to impress him.  He stated to his family over the Thanksgiving holiday, that he had thought that the talent in the doctoring business had faded into prescriptions and insurance plans, he now believes that the talented doctors that care just left our country (or live in other countries). He told everyone that the doctors he saw at work during my surgery worked in such a fine tuned, talented way and an immeasurable amount of skill. He is hoping more clinics down in Mexico will open for the care of American's health needs.

We are traveling back down to Mexico for the HSG in Feb. 2005, we will then know how all is doing in the baby making department, even if a baby does not come to be, I feel much better knowing it is back in God's hands. I'M WHOLE AGAIN!!!! that feels so good.  It was the best spent money ever.

Thanks for your prayers,

Mary and John Lehto


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