Deana & Francisco Lera


October 2004


Tubal reversal 

Oct 17, 2004


Pregnancy #1


HSG - both tubes open






November 2005

Update: Today we just found out that I had a miscarriage after only finding out that we were pregnant just a few weeks ago. It has been an emotional roller-coaster.

We did receive news that my hsg scan says that both tubes are open.

We are not going to lose faith. Please keep us in your prayers.

The Lera's.

October 2004

My husband and I went to Mexico last October 17,2004 to have the reversal done. Everyone there made us feel right at home and the hospital was very clean. We have not been able to conceive yet, but we are not going to loose FAITH!

I know that God has a time and season for everything on Earth. I just had a HSG done last week and I am waiting for the results.



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