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March  2004


Tubal ligation  Feb 7, 1992

Tubal reversal  Mar 14, 2004





March 2004

My journey started out at 6:30 am from Amarillo, Texas, March 13, 2004. It was my husband, my oldest son and myself. We arrived at the hospital about 7:45 p.m. without any problems finding the hospital. The directions given on the website are great if you just follow them.

As we went to enter the hospital, we noticed 3 other couples outside talking to a doctor. Little did I know that it was Dr. Levi. We asked in the hospital what we needed to do to check in. They told us to go to the nurse's desk at the back. At that time, the Dr. came into the hospital and asked if he could help us. I introduced my husband and myself. He introduced himself as Dr. Levi and then helped us to our room.

We went and each of us got an order of 5 tacos, a cup of beans and a jarrito (Mexican like coke) for $5.40! After we ate, we went back and took out our clothes and stuff and took them into our room. I then went back outside and met the other couples. We all took pictures together and exchanged phone numbers to keep in touch. We all finally got tired and went to our rooms. I went to bed and woke up about 4 am because I was nervous.

A nurse came in at 6 am to have me change and start the IV. I was so sleepy but so nervous that I couldn't sleep. Finally, about 10:45 am Dr. Perez knocked on our door and poked his head in and said we were next and that they would be there shortly. That's when I started to cry. My dream of 8 years was about to come true. A male nurse then came in and escorted in a wheelchair to the operating room. Dr. Moreno, the anesthesiologist, asked me to turn on my side and curl up in a ball. Then a while later, said ok you can turn on your back. I didn't even know that he had started with the epidural! Just felt him pushing on my back and that was it. He then started to pinch my side to ask if I could feel him. Then asked if I was sleepy. I told him no, looked up, and seen the cross over the door. That was the last thing I remembered.

I awoke and asked when they were going to start the surgery. They all started to laugh and Dr. Levi said that they were all done and that he was just sewing me up. They took me to another room (bigger than the first one). They brought some caldo (Mexican stew), jello, and tea. I was so sleepy but hungry. My legs really didn't come to until about 7 that night. I slept on and off all day, but not really in a whole lot of pain. That night was a killer though. Not for the incision but for my back. I told my husband to get the nurse and she came very quickly. I told her I was hurting really bad in my back and she told me that I could give myself the pain medicine (line to line) when I needed it. Anyway, she gave me injection of the medicine and I was out until Dr. Levi came in about 7 in the morning. He said everything went good. I have 6 on both sides with very minimal scar tissue. He said that was great considering I have had my tubes tied for 12 years! He said I could leave and gave me my instructions for home and medicines. We also took a picture with him and Dr. Perez. Then a nurse came in and took out the IV and the catheter and said I could take a shower. They brought us all breakfast and my husband and son packed the truck back up. The trip back home wasn't bad at all for me because the nurse had given me a big dose of pain medicine before they took out the epidural. We got back home about 12:30 in the morning (Tuesday).

Sorry this was so long. But I am just excited and wanted everyone else out there considering on doing this knowing that these Dr.'s and nurses were great. The hospital is a private hospital and is very clean. If I could, I would return to have my baby there if we are blessed with one.

Anna Luna

Tubal Reversal 03-14-04

6 cm each side



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