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April  2004


Tubal ligation Aug 1999

Tubal reversal  Apr 17, 2004





September 2004

Update! A brief look back: I suffered from migraines almost everyday of the month. My last migraine was in April YES! I had my reversal April 17, 2004.  Since my reversal not one migraine YES! And my cycles have been normal.  It has been the best summer we've had in years. Life is good.

Big hugs to Dr Levi and Dr Perez! We truly feel we've been blessed in our reversal journey.

God Bless
Paula Magnuson

April 2004

We kissed and hugged our boys, and we began our journey together in the evening of April 16,2004. We drove 300 miles to Reno, NV and spent the night in a hotel. April 17, 2004, at 4:00a.m. I was up and couldnít get back to sleep, my husband woke up at 6:00a.m. and we headed to the airport. After checking in we had a few minutes until I needed to be through security. My husband and I hugged and kissed, wishing he could be with me but couldnít and he went off to his meeting. I wanted him with me as well.

The flight went well considering Iím not a frequent flyer. I arrived in Dallas, big airport, and had ten minutes to catch my next flight, which were 30 gates away. I made it. I landed in McAllen were the weather was in the 80s. After landed I realized; wow Iím in McAllen, my surgery is tomorrow, this is really happening. I met Fanny at the airport, and off we went to the hospital. Fanny is very nice, and think she could tell I was nervous, cause I was quiet, as she kept the conversation going which eased my mind. We arrived at the hospital at 4:30p.m. April 17, 2004.

First, I signed the papers and was showed my room. Within minutes in walked Dr Levi, I was so excited to see him; I had to hold back the tears. He asked if Iíd like to visit anyone, I said Christine. On the way to Christineís room he asked when Iíd eaten last, not since midnight, and he said how about 7:00 for surgery, I think my replied went something like, Okay. Christine had just gotten out of surgery. I was talking with her and her husband when Dr Levi walked in and said 5:00 we will do your surgery. Off I went to my room to change and within minutes Dr M and a nurse walked into start the IV. Then, I was wheeled to the OR. I climbed up on the table and Dr M put me in the fetal position and meds where given in the IV. I remember the cold feeling on my back but nothing else, this was my first epidural, and I do believe I will have another if needed. I can remember a little of waking up during the surgery, but not for long just barely and out I was again. I was taken back to my room and put in bed with a good warm blanket.

Final, the next morning, Dr Levi walked in and gave me the information I had longed for, 3cm on left and 4cm on the right, 60-70% chance. I was extremely pleased with the news. He gave me the instructions, use protection for two months, and have HSG perform at two months; we have already decided that we will not have the HSG done. The entire staff at the hospital was great and took very good care of me. The best care I have every received in a hospital. Dr Levi was the best doctor I have had, compassionate and caring truly a blessing. I met Dr Perez briefly; he is a busy man.

Adding to my already long story: The hospital was very clean, someone was cleaning every two hours something. The staff at the hospital work hours like in the hospitals here. They always were very friendly and helpful. I was comfortable there, I sat outside and enjoyed the sun shine and breeze, and got a little tan on my face on Sunday the day after my surgery. There were a number a babies born at the time I was there, so I went outside a lot just to walk past the nursery. The food at the hospital was great, I remember having pancakes for breakfast one morning and always a good dinner. I was well feed. I did a little shopping on Monday with Fanny. It was warm, and I had just packed sweats and a dress, shorts would have been good.

I wanted to add this because I do think it is important: We have been a member of the group for over a year now, and when my husband and I talked about going, and than me going alone it was a decision we had to make together, we both were impressed and comfortable with Dr Levi. The care I received by Dr Levi has changed my outlook on my future. Thank you Dr Levi, Dr Perez, and the entire staff at Rio Bravo.

Lastly, I saw my doctor on Wednesday this week for a follow up, she read my report and took my stitch out all the while "Saying great job", "This is good work." She was very impressed with the work and the report was detailed. She was just as excited about us having more children as we are. I had better rap this up, as it is already too long, airline ticket 288.00, hotel stay 100.00, and surgery 2185.00.

Thanks for reading.

God Bless

Paula Magnsuon

3cm left, 4cm right


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