Kerry & Mike Mand


May  2003


Tubal ligation Dec 1993 (fallopian rings)

Tubal reversal  May 24, 2003

Pregnancy #1 edd

Baby boy born Mar 10, 2004





March 10, 2004

(in loving memory of baby Matthew)

Update March 2004

My husband Mike and I wanted to have my tubal reversed, but the prices in the US are just outrageous! I started doing some research online about 5 years ago and ran across Dr. Perez's name...but not much else. I emailed one lady who used him at that time and loved him and the hospital. I slowly started joining reversal email lists and getting more facts. One day I ran across a site that had Dr. Perez pictures, education info, hospital pictures, and testimonies. I was overwhelmed with the feeling that this was the doctor we were going to use for our surgery, but didn't know when it would ever happen.

Early in 2003 we decided that the time was right for us and we scheduled for May 24, 2003. Surgery went wonderfully, our trip down and back was awesome (My parents live near McAllen so we drove to their house and used Joe and Aimee's service to the hospital and back) and best of all our surgery was successful!

Six months later, exactly to the day, we found out we were pregnant! What a thrilling day that was! We hadn't really tried, we placed our fertility in God's hands and just trusted that when or if we were to ever have a child, God would let us know.

Now the heartbreaking part begins. On March 9, 2004, at 19 weeks 5 days gestation, we found out our precious baby had died. No reasons why...but our baby was delivered on March 10. At that time we finally found out the baby was a boy and we named him Matthew Jacob. Our hearts are broken, but we know that without a doubt God has bigger plans for Matthew in heaven than we could ever imagine.

We are thrilled with our surgery outcome and may one day feel up to having another baby. Not yet...we're still mourning over Matthew...but one day, when God is ready...we'll be ready.

Mike and Kerry Mand

tubal reversal 5/24/03 with Dr. Perez

6 CM on each side



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