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South Dakota

January 2004


Tubal ligation

June 1990

Tubal reversal 

Jan 30, 2004


Pregnancy #1 m/c






September 2007

Just wanted to let you all know we had a tubal pregnancy and Amareah Marcail went to heaven on September 29, 2004. We are still very pleased with Dr. Perez and Dr. Levy, still recommending them!!! Still hoping for another baby on the way... we have added to our family 4 children by adoption while we wait for our birth child!

Darla Marshall

January 2004

Good Morning!

I'm so happy this morning to finally be able to report in to you all about my trip. EVERYTHING went so well!! It could not have been better!

First I would like to recommend HOTWIRE.COM to anyone who needs flights, motel rooms, or rental cars... They saved us HUNDREDS of dollars! We live in South Dakota, and I tried every airport in the state to get flights, but they were going to cost $1200 and up for two tickets for us till I found Hotwire.com! But we ended up driving to Indiana on Tues. the 27th. That way my kids could visit with my side of the family and we had a sure babysitter. We didn't have one in SD.

On Friday the 30th we drove to the Indianapolis Airport and flew out to McAllen TX. (through Hotwire.com we paid $526.** round trip tickets for two!! That was under half of the other places we tried. We arrived at McAllen that day at 3:30 and took a taxi that was out front of the airport. It was DANIELLE'S TAXI and our driver was Alfredo. He charged us $74.** to Rio Bravo, and then only $45.** to take us back to McAllen when we were ready to go. Anyway, when we got in the taxi it was a wild ride! I was so glad we had not driven ourselves into Mexico! I could not believe the way they drive! But we made it ok. The palm trees and the sun shine were awesome! We left SD and IN with 45* below and 23* below and landed in 75*+. :o) It really is a beautiful area!

When we arrived they asked if we had supper, and brought my husband a plate right away... wonderful food! I had to wait, cause Dr. Levy told me that since I had not eaten much I could be in surgery by 7:00 that evening instead of waiting till the next day as planned.
So, I opted to do that. By 6:45 I was being wheeled to surgery with my IV already in. Even as the "sleepy meds" were being put into the iv the room was blurry and I was out! I don't remember a thing after that till they were almost done with me.

My husband stayed through the entire thing. He was in awe at their skill and labors. The only part he didn't like was the epidural. He said it looked painful and he was glad I couldn't feel anything already. I was afraid of the epidural at first and afraid of the headaches that some get from that. But I didn't have any problems with it at all. They did the reversal... the right tube had a cyst on it, so Dr. Perez removed it. I was left with 5CM. on that side. On the left side they had some trouble cause the tubal ligation was done wrong and it was burned right at the uterus. So, it took some doing to reconnect it. But that too was left at 5CM.

The room was mopped and cleaned 3 times a day just as everyone else has reported and the food was awesome! If you go to any convenience stores around there you can take American money!

We had purchased our motel room through hotwire too, and there are no refunds, so on Sunday we went to the motel... Dr. Levy said we could have stayed another night with no extra fees. If we had known that we would have saved some$$. But it was a wonderful motel, so we didn't mind. We stayed at the La Quinta Inn. It is near some shopping plazas. There is a big baby store right across the road called PINK AND BLUE. It was really nice, they have everything there. The room we had was rated only a 2 star. But I would have put it much higher! It was a beautiful motel, with palm trees and cobblestone drive and sidewalks. There was a pool in the back and continental breakfast, and a FREE shuttle to take us to the airport the next morning. Which was only a mile or mile and a half away. There was iron and board in the room, coffee pot, and hair dryer... ice machine and pop machines in the hall. Very friendly service... and it was $52.00 for us to stay from 9:00am on Sunday morning till noon the next day, we used their shuttle to go to the airport.

Dr. Levy said he would give me about 50% of conceiving on the left side, and about 90% on the right. :o) The overall cost was $2150.**.

Its too good to be true, to be here at home with family and friends and to know that I'AM WHOLE AGAIN!!!!! :o) I'm still a bit sore, its mainly the sitting down and getting up that still hurts, but once I'm to the position of up or down I'm fine. I've not had pain meds since yesterday morning and haven't needed them. The last antibiotic was yesterday afternoon.

Crossing the border into Mexico we didn't see anyone or even stop. Coming back through to the US we were stopped and asked what our purpose was for going to Mexico. When we told him he asked to see a prescription from Dr. Levy for the meds. I didn't have any, all I had was an OP report he wrote up but the guy didn't want to read that at all. He said he wouldn't bother me with it this time. But next time to make sure we have a prescription... it was in the op report... I think he was just being a stinker! (No one else has ever had this problem, but just in case, you might ask Dr. Levi to write you a prescription for the meds.)

Praying for you all!
Hugs, Darla Marshall


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