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February 2004


Tubal Ligation Jan 1994

Tubal reversal  Feb 21, 2004





February 2004

My reversal was scheduled for 02-21-04. My husband and I, and a friend from work left Athens, Texas around 930am on 02-20. We arrived at the hospital about 8:30pm that evening. Yes, we drove. When we arrived, we filled out paper work then waited in a room for Dr. Levy (he was in surgery). He finally came out of surgery and talked with us a moment. The only room they had available was the one we were sitting in.  And it was not big at all, no way we could stay in it. We expressed our concerns about the room, and also about how hungry we were. Dr. Levy told us to follow him to a restaurant and he would check into getting another room. While we were eating, he came back in to tell us that he got us another room at the hospital. So, once we were thru eating, we went back and got in our room. That night we just watched TV and rested. Saturday morning, they came and got me about 6:30 am and I was off to surgery. The surgery went great and I was back in my room about 8:30am. There was quiet a bit of pain, but I handled it. (Itís really not that bad!!). I have 3-4 cm on both sides, and was told we had a very good chance, being there was no scar tissue and they were very healthy. And once again, I know it has been said, but he said it was all up to us now.

I was discharged early Sunday morning and we got on the road headed back about 930am. But we did get home faster, it was about 630-700 when we arrived back home. The total cost for my surgery was $2350.00 and well worth it. I am scheduled for an HSG May 7th. For anyone reading these testimonies for the first time, wondering if you will ever get the opportunity---- I was right where you are now. Donít give up!! It will happen!!

God Bless!! And thank you Dr. Levy, Perez, Moreno, and nurses, everyone!! Yaíll are all so GREAT!!

"Quit telling God how big your storm is. Tell your storm how big your God is."

Jerry (30) and Sherri McCool (32)



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