Kristi & Kip McKessick


February 2004


Tubal reversal 

Feb 19, 2004

Vasectomy reversal

March 17, 2005


Pregnancy #1 m/c





January 2007

Just wanted to let everyone know yesterday we lost the baby.. I miscarried while in the hospital.. My 12 year old daughter said "it's better to have loved for a moment than to have never loved at all". She was 10 and we had started an adoption of a 1 month old baby girl, and at the last moment the parents changed their mind.. We are all doing okayI know the Lord knows what is best and we have faith that will get us through this loss..It is about being faithful to him in all things, and we trust him with all our hearts..

Kristi and family

January 2007

After a long journey of a double reversal we built our own home..  Now we are moved in and relaxed and we are pleased to announce that we are now expecting our first Double Reversal Baby.   (Kip had vasectomy reversal, Kristi had tubal reversal).  EDD: Sept 11, 2007..

God has blessed us and thanks to Dr. Perez for his love for God and his great work!  We have a very happy family right now.. My husband did not believe it until we got the blood work back and the midwife told him herself.. Now he can't stop smiling. We look forward to this pregnancy and the blessings ahead of us..

Kristi McKessick Tr~ Feb 19, 2004

Kip's Vr~ March 17,2005

September 2006

Kip has his Vas Reversal on March 17, 2005. It went very well and he later tested and is normal.  We are pleased with the Lord's Blessings of us both being back to the way he made us.

Kristi McKessick

Sept 2005

I had my HSG on 9-19-05.  My left tube flowed fast and the right was slow to spill.  We give God praise for all he does.

Kristi McKessick
Tr~ Feb 19, 2004
Kip's Vr~ March 17,2005

February 2004

We want to start out by saying Praise the Lord! We started our journey on Valentine's Day at 6:00 a.m. in Whitefish, Montana. As we left our four children with loving friends, we were on our way... There were so many emotions as we drove almost 3,000 miles to McAllen, Texas. When we arrived we called Dr. Levi to be sure of the time.. He said it was still on for the next morning and to come on in.. We called the cab and to Rio Bravo we went.. When we arrived in Mexico and noticed how cute the Hospital was.. When we got to our room we were very surprised.. It was like a motel room, very clean and cozy.. Dr. Levi came in shortly after we arrived and right away Kip and him got along great!! Kip is not the type of person that it takes a while to get to talk to them, but not with Dr. Levi, it was like his long lost friend :). After we finished paper work and visiting we went to sleep..

In the morning the nurse woke me up and put my I.V. in with out any problems.. Most nurses can't find my vein and stick me like a human pin cushion.. I was pleased at how kind they all were.. Then they took me into the operating room.. I felt it best my husband did not go in with me since he can't handle pain and may have hurt the Dr.'s ha ha .. Kip said that when I was wheeled out they brought him a wonderful breakfast within a few min after I left.. When I was in operation room I had a few min to look and observe the Cross above the door and the clean sterile packaged instruments.. They rubbed something on my back and I was out, no pain... I did wake up during the surgery holding Dr. Levi's hand.

When I woke up back in the room Kip was there to greet me with a warm hug and kiss.. Dr. Levi came in and was telling Kip how it all went.. He said that I had a tube attached to stomach wall. Kip asked if that would cause pain, he said yes very much pain.. That is the answer to the extreme pain I had been experiencing for 2 years.. What a blessing they fixed it! I was very out of it and feeling GOOD and only heard a little!! When I needed a nurse Kip got on the phone then handed to me, before he could sit back down they were in the room.. They were wonderful! It is funny, I know a little Spanish, yet it seemed like I was talking to them like it was in English, it all came back to me.. My biggest fear was the catheter, yet I didn't even know it was in.. When they took it out, I went to get up, and Kip was there to help, I had to lay back down, did not work yet.. My feet were still numb..

Dr. Levi came in the to check on me and and asked Kip if he needed anything, well he needed a Mountain Dew!!! Ha ha ha.. So off he and Dr. Levi went to the store.. They came back and had got me Mexican candy :) and Kip had me taste the Mountain Dew, it was different than the stuff here, it was better actually.. We left the next day and went shopping in Mexico and had a blast! We got so much for the kids and our friends we couldn't hold it all! I over did it yet it was still fun.. On our way back home, we stopped in El Paso Texas to visit with friends for 2 days.. It was a good time to catch up and also to recoup for the long travel home.. We seen a lot of neat things on the trip and really enjoyed the heat :). Once we hit Montana we were in the middle of a snow storm, and there were trucks, trailers, and vans in the snow ditches.. We saw a lot of car wrecks, and yet the Lord kept us safe.. When we arrived home we surprised the children early.. It was great.. The warm welcoming and love we shared was priceless.. Our 2 week journey was at an end..

We are home.. Dr. Levi and Dr. Perez really know and love what they do.. The Lord sure works through them.. After being treated so well in that Hospital, we dread the idea of ever going to a hospital in the states again..

Blessings to all, Kip and Kristi McKessick

(Montana to Rio Bravo) almost 6,000 miles round trip.

We are now saving for Kip's VR :) Tr~~

Feb 19, 2004 LT~ 6cm RT~ 7cm


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