Maria Murga


October  2004


Tubal reversal  Oct 29, 2004





October 2004

I had my reversal on October 29th 2004 and it was wonderful.  Everyone was wonderful. For those who are wanting to go do not be afraid, God is with you the entire time.

I happened to come across some horrible web site that claims Rio Bravo is a scam. I don't know who these terrible people are, but the people are Rio Bravo are not a scam, they are warm and loving people.

I have a few tips for new comers. Cell phones do not work in Rio bravo. Dr Levi will let you use the hospital phone to make a short call to loved ones.  He has to be there, because he has the code for the phone.  Also bring munchies like chips cookies water etc. in case you get hungry between meals.  And when you get home make sure you don't over do it.  When the doctor says no driving he means it. I over did it and I felt terrible, so take it easy and you will be fine. 

If you need a nurse while in your room, pick up the phone and dial 0 and say your room number.

I will keep you informed if God blesses us with a baby.

Much love and blessings,

Maria Murga



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