Mary Ann Newsom



May  2004


Tubal reversal  May 4,  2004

Pregnancy #1 edd Oct 5, 05





June 2005

I had my reversal on May 4, 2004. At my ob gyn's request we waited about 6 months before we attempted to conceive. It is now June of 2005 and I am 6 months pregnant.

I just found out that we are having a girl..  Her name is Emily Erin Newsom, and she is due on October 5th.  She is a blessing as is Dr. Perez.

I hope those of you doing research on reversal doctors consider Dr. Perez even though he is located in Mexico. His staff was very professional and they made my family feel comfortable.  I would like to thank the employees at Rio Bravo Hospital for being courteous and very friendly.  I have three boys and now I will be having a daughter that I have always wanted.

Once again, thank you Dr. Perez and your staff. I will send a picture of our daughter when I have her.

April  2005

I went in May to have a reversal and in January we started to try to get pregnant and it worked. I am 8 weeks pregnant!   My delivery date is October 5, 2005.

Thank you.

Mary Ann Newsom



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