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Rhode Island

October  2004


Tubal reversal 

Oct 15, 2004


Pregnancy #1 edd

Aug 29, 2008






December 2007

Hello,my name is Tonja Pacheco, I had my TR 10/15/04 and would love to announce that I am expecting!!!

EDD 8/29/08

October 2004

Hello, my name is Tonja Pacheco. I had my TR with Dr. Perez and Levi on Friday 10/15/2004.

I flew from Providence RI alone (hubby had to run our business and care for our 4 children. We told very few of the surgery so with only Jesus at hand off I went) into McAllen where Fanny was waiting for me and brought me right to the clinic without any problems. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND USING FANNY!!!! I was checked in (Fanny handled all of that), had an IV, met Dr. Levi (nice man! ~ smile) and off for surgery I went.

DR. Perez was there waiting, the OR staff was great, they put me to sleep ,did the cathedrae, epidural, and surgery. I woke up at the end and Dr, Perez was abs are very developed so stitching and cutting were a challenge. I am pleased to report I have 6" on each side with no cysts or scar tissue!!!!!

Back in my room I was paralyzed for 12 hours from the epidural, this was the worst part you see I traveled alone **and they forgot to tell me how to call a nurse from the phone in my room. Once I could be up and about everything was fine. Dr. Levi was a God sent, pain meds for me were hard as I have a very high tolerance to them, he tried everything until I was comfortable. He was so attentive to me, even came in my room just to chat and visit!

Fanny showed up right on time Sunday morning, took me back to McAllen to catch my flight and all went smoothly. I was pretty doped up and slept most of the flights. I do have a pointer...get a pillow, place it on your incision and place the seat belt over it VERY tight, it brought great comfort! I am 5 days post op today, very sore but getting around a bit.

My total cost airfare, Fanny, meds, and surgery as well as hospital stay was $2,660.00 that included the $30.00 spent in the airport on food and gifts for my four daughters.

Had I had someone travel with me my experience would have been fantastic, here are some pointers for you all.....

1. DO NOT TRAVEL ALONE!!! If you must bring a translation book as the language barrier was hard.
2. Bring snacks, my 2 pounds of trail mix was a life saver!
3. For your bedside table.. chapstick, lotion, a book, and your remote control.. there are enough English channels to watch.
4. Get up and walking ASAP as it really helps you feel better, so does your first shower.
5. Bring all your own toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, conditioner, soap, deodorant, brush etc.
6. Travel light, just a carry on if flying, I only brought a robe, slippers and all mentioned above, I wore the clothes there home, it made getting in and out of the airport very easy.
7. Lastly do go to the nursery, it was very motivating!

By the way, the clinic was incredibly clean!!!!!!!!

I will update when I am pregnant (Lord willing)

In Him,

Tonja Pacheco.....><>


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