Becky & Shawn Paolino



March  2004


Tubal reversal 

Mar 23, 2004


Pregnancy #1

It's a Girl! 11/13/05







Sophia Nicole Paolino


I gave birth to a baby girl on 11/13/2005, she weighed 8 pounds, 7 ounces and she was 21 1/2 inches long, she is beautiful and healthy,

Thank you so much, we are very blessed.


August 2005

Hi there.  I had my surgery on March 23, 2004.  I am expecting a baby girl on 11/26/2005. We are very excited and are very grateful to Dr Perez for helping us with our little miracle.  Thank you!

Becky Paolino

March 2004

My husband and I were married four years ago. I have two children from my first marriage and he has one child. When we first got married we looked into a tubal reversal, but after finding out that it would cost up to $10,000.00, we just about gave up on the idea, until the good Lord led us to Dr. Perez. When we first found this website, we had some concerns about having surgery in Mexico, at first it sounded, "CRAZY"... but the more we read, we were convinced that we should make our appointment. I also contacted former patients, and searched for anything negative about Dr. Perez, but we couldn't find anything! So our journey began.

We drove from Colorado to fly to Harlingen, Texas from New Mexico. We arrived at about 6:55 pm. Everything had gone smoothly up until this point. We had arrangements for Fannie to pick us up at the airport and take us to the hospital, but she was not there when we arrived. We tried calling her, Dr. Levi, and the hospital but were unable to call internationally from the airport! Then the panic began to set in and I just started crying and crying. We didn't know what we were going to do. At that moment, I started to question everything and was feeling really helpless and stranded. I prayed to the Lord that he be with us and help us through this, and shortly after 8:00 pm she drove up in front of us. She began apologizing and saying she was late because of the traffic, and I just went over to her, hugged her, and said, that I was just glad that she was there. We then proceded to the hospital. It was dark by then, and it was a longer drive than we expected. We arrived at the hospital at about 9:00 pm.

The hospital was small, but as you enter, you can't help but notice how white and clean everything was. Fannie helped us check in and then showed us to our roon, which was #7. We went to our room and just tried to let it all sink in. We couldn't believe that we were actually there! We were scared and in a little shock, but we decided to try to make ourselves comfortable. We then decided to go down the hall and introduce ourselves to another couple, John and Maryanne, that had had her surgery the night before. We took pictures and exchanged phone numbers, and that made us feel a little more comfortable. The nurses couldn't speak English but I asked them to call the doctor, they said, in the morning, but that night, Dr. Levi called me to say hi and to confirm that my surgery would be at 6:30 am in the morning. So we decided to put a movie on and try to get some rest. We asked the nurse for some pillows and blankets, he gave us some pillows, but said, blankets, later. We decided to go to sleep without the blankets, but then in the middle of the night a nurse brought us two fluffy warm blankets right out of the dryer, that was so comforting.

Needless to say, I couldnt' sleep that night, I was up every hour, but finally the morning came. A nurse came in and gave me a hospital gown and started an I.V. and then shortly after that, Dr. Levi came in. I was really glad to see him, he has such a comforting face!. They gave my husband scrubs to wear, and he looked so cute in them! They then asked me to get into the wheelchair, and they put a hospital cap on my head and some funky booties on my feet, then I was off to the O.R. I was pretty nervous, but excited that it was finally happening. As we entered the O.R., I asked, where is Dr. Perez?, he then answered, Right Here.., as he stood there with his mask on all ready for me. They put me on the operating table and the first thing I noticed was the crucifix on the wall, which comforted my soul. Dr. Levi then put a shot in my I.V. and told me to get into the fetal position, the anesthesiologist put in the epidural and cathader, and I had no idea it was even done. The next thing I knew, I was in the middle of surgery. I remember feeling pressure in my abdomen as they were working on me, but no pain. I was awake practically the whole time. I asked them how my tubes looked, and Dr. Perez, said good. They spoke to each other in Spanish during the whole surgery. He told me the right tube has 6 cm. I then could feel that that they were working on my left side, which they said had 4 cm. I can remember the anesthesiologist holding my hand and asking me if I was ok. I also remember my husband taking pictures. They even gave him a stool to stand on so that he could get better pictures. It was truly an out of body experience. I felt like I was really there watching my own surgery!

Then I was taken back to my room and Dr. Levi was there to help put me in my bed. I asked him where Dr. Perez was, and he said he would tell me to come and see me. I asked him how long my legs would be numb, and he said, about 4 hours. Then they brought me some jello, tea and juice and my husband eggs. We were still hungry, but I just tried to get some rest. Luckily I brought my husband some snacks! The first day is rough, you can't move and you are just stuck on your back. Then they brought us lunch about 12:30pm. Yay! Some real food. It was chicken, rice, mashed potatoes, and homemade tortillas, which were really yummy! I then started to get concerned because it had been about six hours since the surgery and my right leg had the feeling back, but my left leg was still completely numb. So my husband went and asked the nurses to call the doctor. I finally got to see Dr. Perez. He came in and asked me what was wrong. I told him about my legs, he said not to worry, that the feeling would come back later. I asked him what my percentage was to conceive and he said 80-90%, which made us very happy! He then had to go do a C-Section, and I didn't get to see him again. That night, my left side was still numb for hours, but eventually it wore off. At about 11pm a nurse came in my room and took out the epidural, catheter, and I.V. and gave me a shot so I could sleep. I was so happy!! I really hated the feeling of being paralyzed, apparently the medicine they give you for pain, continues the numbness, so I didn't like that part. Early the next morning, I got up and went to the bathroom, with my husband's help. We then took a short walk down the hall and saw the beautiful baby that was delivered that night. It reminded us why we were there!

Dr. Levi then came in my room at about 7:30 am and gave me antibiotics and pain pills and said I could take a shower. A nurse then put a new bandage on me, we ate pancakes for breakfast, and then we were released at 9:00 am. Fannie was there to pick us up on time. Before we left we stopped in a room with another couple who were very nervous, so we encouraged them that everything would be ok. We then did a little shopping and we were then on our way home!

I will never forget this experience. I want to thank Dr. Perez, Dr. Levi, Fannie, all the staff at the hospital, and especially our Dear Lord for making this possible for us. I feel very grateful and happy and am so glad we got this opportunity. I would do it all over again in a minute! For any of you that are afraid, don't be, you will not regret going to Rio Bravo, it will change you life for the better. God Bless you all.

Becky P.


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