Mia & Joel Powell


December 2004


Tubal reversal 

Dec 18, 2004


Pregnancy #1

It's a boy! 2/06/06

Pregnancy #2

It's a boy! 10/24/07


7 cm both





Baby boy Powell

we had a healthy baby boy

October 24, 2007

born at home, happy and healthy!




Baby boy Powell

we had a healthy baby boy

February 6, 2006


May 2007

We are expecting another blessing around the end of October 2007!

June 2005

Hi again, I had my reversal in December of 2004 and I got a positive pregnancy test today!  I'd been feeling a little pregnant for about three days and decided to go ahead and test.  I think that puts me due around the beginning of February. My next step to call the midwife!

Thanks and Glory to G-d and thank you to the Drs. in Rio Bravo!

December 2004

Well, I cannot believe it's been two weeks since I got home! The trip went well. We flew from Houston Hobby to Harlingen for only $39 each way! We stayed at the Country Inn and Suites in Harlingen. It was very nice and the internet rate was only $59/night. We wanted a nice hotel because we spent a night and day before the surgery. This trip was our 15th anniversary present!

Fannie picked us up a little after 4pm and we were at the Hospital by 5:30 for a 7 pm surgery. I was in the operating room by 5:45! I'm glad they took me back so fast, it didn't allow time for any doubts. My husband was impressed with the doctors and the surgery. He didn't think he wanted to watch, but he ended up enjoying it. He took lots of pictures. The first night was hard, but only because my catheter failed. It took us a few hours to convince them it needed to come out but once they took it out, I was fine. The second and third nights were difficult too, then I called Dr. Levi and asked if I could take a Tylenol PM, he said yes and I had no trouble sleeping after that. I recommend taking a Tylenol PM (only one, don't go overboard!) with you if you have a night to spend on the road after surgery. We had planned on staying an extra night at the hospital, where I could have asked for help with sleeping but we decided to go back to the hotel because we had enjoyed it so much and Dr. Levi said I was doing fine and ready to go.

The hospital was clean and the food was good. The nurses were all nice and did the best they could to understand our needs. I had a Spanish/English travel dictionary with me but it didn't have the medical terms that I needed, but we did okay.

I feel great after two weeks of resting. I wasn't kidding when I told my husband that the trip was the beginning of a two week vacation for me!

Dr. Levi said that I have 7cm on each side and a 90% chance of conception.

The doctors were great, so nice to me and my dh. I would do it again, in a heartbeat. My husband would go again, too and he is a hard sell!

Just an observation that might help someone trying to decide:

I will say that if I was not in COMPLETE PEACE about it, I might have had misgivings. The hospital is neat and clean but is not like the huge hospitals here. If you are insistent on the biggest, best and brightest things it may not be for you. It's like comparing a country hospital to a big city hospital, it wasn't bad just smaller. It did make my dh and I wonder why we (Americans) insist on technology for technology's sake. Some things work fine, why do we need to make them more expensive and more advanced?

I can't thank Dr. Perez and Dr. Levi enough! We would not have been able to afford the surgery anywhere else and we had COMPLETE PEACE about going to Dr. Perez, in Mexico.

Thank you for your ministry!

Joel and Mia Powell

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